How to Store Big Fish Fillets in the Freezer

Have you seen a whole Atlantic salmon? It can be as big as 26 kg. How are you even able to finish eating a whole of that in one meal? You can’t, right?  So most likely, you will have to store some for future use. So the next question is how can you fit a fish that big in your freezer? Well, that one is easy. You cut it into smaller bits. But there is something dramatic about serving a big-sized whole fish especially when you have guests. And to preserve the fish for that big day, you can vacuum-seal it to preserve its freshness and to prevent freezer burn. The Weston Pro 2300 vacuum-sealer has the widest seal strip at 15 inches. It will surely do a great job of preserving your fish until when you are ready for a perfect dish. It has a one-button automatic operation or you can choose to customize your vacuum and seal and instead go manual operation. Refer to the evaluation of the Weston machine and find out how to get the perfect fish for your family with sous vide cooking method at (more…)

Winter can be long and dreary. Being cooped up indoor while it’s cold and dark can dampen the best of spirits. If you are a lover of the outdoor, you can go crazy with cabin fever. Thankfully, fanatics of game fishing can still enjoy it while the lakes are frozen.

The rise of ice fishing

Very aptly, ice fishing is catching fishes through a hole made on the ice of a frozen lake. Fishermen use hooks, spears or even fish lines to catch fish. The past years, ice fishing has become so popular that some ice shanties may even have technological advances like satellite TV’s and amenities of a mobile home. In some resorts in North America and Europe, ice fishing is offered as an attraction or activity holiday-goers can enjoy. (more…)

Fish is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Oily fishes are rich in fat, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and omega-3 fatty acids. The latter is particularly good for the heart. Fish can easily be bought in the supermarket or from your favorite fishmonger. But there is also a different kind of thrill when you catch your own fish. When you do, then you also have to clean it and remove the bones before storing it. To fillet a fish means to remove the bones. There is usually the big back bone and the smaller pin bones. It can be a daunting task, but when you get the hang of it, it can be easy breezy. (more…)
My experience in using Foodsaver GameSaver Deluxe for storage of raw fish

One night my husband came home with a beautiful bass, still alive. He cleaned it and soon after, it was in the frying pan. I have to say I fell in love with my husband (again) and fishing after that delicious meal. I had high expectations the next day, but when he got home, he brought a dead fish that did not look so appetizing. He caught it earlier in the day, and it had spoiled for lack of proper storage. From that day on, I went with my husband on longer fishing trips, and while he had his reels and hooks, I had my Foodsaver GameSaver Deluxe. Vacuum sealing fresh fish enable us to enjoy fish as fresh as the day it was caught. Proper handling of freshly-caught fish is the key to a great fish meal. It must be at its freshest when it hits the frying pan. Here are some pointers on how to achieve this: (more…)
How to Clean Your Fish Tank Glass

          Owning an the fish tank glass is a very relaxing and exciting hobby. It can provide endless hours of enjoyment to contemplate. Until one day, it will be dirty. Water in the the fish tank glass is the work you have to do every week, even every day to keep the environment clean always.Taking the time to clean glass can be a pain to endure. so, below is how to handle to clean but still have the most favorable environment for the growth and development of fish good.
4 needed accessories for the perfect fishing trip

For any given sport, the game does have to have accessory support during play. For example, football players must have shoes, accessories, foot protection, there must racing jacket, helmet and for fishing, although many people think this is a simple game, but you should also enough extra shopping conditions for use. When it comes to fishing, often we only think about familiar things like a fishing rod, or a few items such as bait, freight, hooks, etc. However, to provide a full set of accessories, you need to prepare more. For those who went to question many times, has a lot of experience, who has experienced several times damaged, broken, missing things. They will know what to bring, what not to bring, what to keep a closer, preserved etc. Fish is the achievement after each fishing trip so we need to preserve it carefully. A great way to preserve our fish is bringing a suitable vacuum sealer like foodsaver gamesaver deluxe vacuum sealing kit. Apart from it, we also have other good choices. Read comparison and reviews of best rated foodsaver models for details. (more…)
The health benefits of fishing game

Your current life is so stressful or you get sick of your daily work, you want to balance both physically and mentally. To respond all things around you life, it entail you have to get some entertainment such as game, sport, music, etc. They will be indispensable things which help you renew your energy. There is a game or a few person call it is a sport help you do that. That is fishing game or fishing sport. Fishing is a sport is beneficial to health. Not only good for the heart, blood, muscles and help you relax after the weekend. Here we would like you to share to you the benefits of sport fishing not only in terms of health.
How to choose the best vacuum sealer to preserve fish

Catching fish is a demanding job but preserving its inherent quality is a lot more difficult. In that respect, storing fish is vitally important beside cleaning and processing fish. Thus, a good vacuum sealer is the very important appliance for any housewives and anglers to store fish for a long time without having its taste and quality degraded. A good vacuum sealer has powerful suction and sealing, leaving fish no oxygen, moisture or leaks for microbes, mildew or insect to proliferate and spoil fish. There are countless vacuum sealers with a variety range of brands, sizes, types and with different usage. Ironically, you don’t know where to start to get the right one for you. Fortunately there is an address will give you useful advice to choose the best vacuum sealer for the fish, see more at (more…)
Fun camping trip and fishing of my family last summer

After finishing my university exams, I planned to have a fun camping trip and go fishing with my family as usual. We have made several trips recent years in neighbor states. But this time, my father said that he wanted to go within our state: California. Then we agreed to visit: Pyramid Lake, a famous lake in Los Angeles County for camping and fishing. It is located in the Angeles and Los Padres National Forests, about 60 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Before going on trip, we chose Pyramid Lake Recreation Area to find suitable family site and offering services because its distance is less than 2 miles from the lakes. The campground provides facilities for camping, boating, fishing, and beach. We intended to spend 2 days 1 night for our vacation in Pyramid Lake.