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May 27, 2011 — by: B. Franklin
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Herald & News

In the May 26th edition of the Herald & News, editor Steve Miller whines about the fact that the Herald & News’ request for county documents will cost the paper more than it can afford to spend.

“Finally, after months, county officials are responding formally to our records request. And Guess what? They seem to be telling us that the records we want could be available, all we have to do is pay for them. And pay a lot, more than we feel we can afford, actually.”  — Editor Steve Miller of the Herald & News, page A3, May 26, 2011

What Mr. Miller is really saying is, “We can't afford this, so we want someone else to pay for it.” Just in case you haven't figured it out, that someone is you. Rather than temper their request to something the H&N can afford, Steve expects the county to pick up the cost of doing this extra work — again that means you. The county doesn't “make money”, they take it in the form of taxes & fees from people and businesses in the county. So if the county is going to give a discount or not charge what it costs for labor and supplies, then that translates into less services the county can provide. With Mr. Miller's kind of thinking it's no wonder that we don't have enough money in the general fund to keep jail pods B & C open.

The fact that Steve Miller doesn't realize what he is asking would be amusing if it weren't so sad. He's 50-something years old and still doesn't understand that he wants welfare rather than thinking that the paper should amend their request to something they can afford.

A Quick Illustration

Suppose you're in line at the grocery store. In front of you is a person who has two carts full of groceries. After the checker is done tabulating the cost, the person in line complains, “I can't afford that!” Then they reach over and grab the checker's microphone and announce, “I need more money to pay my bill here. If everyone will just provide me with $1.00 I will have enough to buy what I want.” We would think this person is crazy, right? Well, why don't we think the same of the Herald & News?

When we can't afford what we want, we don't go into the public square and whine. If we did people would look at us like we were loons. The Herald & News isn't any different, so don't feel sorry for them.

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