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Jun 17, 2011 — by: G.W. Washington
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Oregon State Senator Doug WhitsettKlamath News is proud to announce the publishing of Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett’s weekly newsletter. Why are we doing this? To keep the public informed. Apparently the Herald & News has an odd policy when it comes to our public officials. According to Senator Whitsett’s office,

Senator Whitsett publishes a newsletter every Friday and it is sent to the Herald and News, the Upper Rogue Independent, the Medford Mail Tribune and the Central Oregonian newspapers (all within his district). It is published in full and on their blog every week in the Medford Mail Tribune, and in the Upper Rogue Independent newspapers, and many times in the Central Oregonian and sometimes in the Bend Bulletin, as well as the Roseburg paper and some Eastern Oregon newspapers.

The Herald and News has never printed a copy of any of Senator Whitsett's weekly newsletters to his constituents. He was told the only way he could regularly reach his constituents in Klamath County through the local newspaper was to buy "advertisements".

As you can see all other papers in the Senator's district have no problem publishing his thoughts to his constituents. Only the Herald & News wants to act as gatekeeper between the Senator and you.

That's why we are here. To make sure the Senator’s words can be read — with no filter. You read and decide for yourself what to think. The H&N can go pound sand. 

See Senator Whitsett’s Newsletter Section >

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