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Jun 22, 2011 — by: P. Henry
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Uncle Sam hat

Last week we reported on the awful consequences of giving away food during the summer months — thanks to Uncle Sam's generosity. [see “Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?”]

In that article we reported that not only was did the Herald & News misrepresent the food-give-away program by pretending it had something to do with encouraging childhood literacy during the summer months, but then we found an ad in the paper —not just one day, but several days in a row — promoting the program.

Yesterday we found this flyer in a local Klamath County diner. I'm sure the diner we visited wasn't the only community gathering place that you might find this kind of flyer.

Free Lunch with compassion from Uncle Sam, er you!

To emphasize why this program is wrong and why we should be up in arms about it, I've put together a little story for you — yes, story time!

Suppose I came to your house with my 6'6" and 6'8" friends (we'll just call them Luigi and Lefty). I said, we need to take your TV, your car and your computer. Do you have any nice clothes? We'll take those too. Naturally you would oppose my actions. You respond by saying, "Why are you doing this? You can't do this!?!? These things are mine! I worked hard for them."

But then I just point to my two "friends" outside on your front stoop.

Reluctantly, you agree to my demands and we take what we want . Upon leaving you ask, "Why are you doing this?!? What gives you the right to take what is mine?!!" I respond in an unsympathetic yet calm manner stating, with a touch of arrogance, that I represented a generous group — a group that wants to help the less fortunate in the community. We are taking your stuff so that we can sell it and then give food to the poor. 

Justifiably you cry, "This is an outrage", and quickly call the police. To your disbelief, you learn that the police are on OUR side, not yours. They will not arrest us, and suggest you do not cause any trouble or they will have to come down and speak to you as well.

The next day you open the Herald & News and see my picture next to books, children and food. I'm featured in a large two-page spread. I'm being praised for giving away your money in the form of food to children. Next you see an ad in the following section of the paper promoting when and where to show up for more free food. Finally you go to a local diner and find out that there is a poster encouraging all children to come get their free food.

While the following story is a bit far fetched (no one is taking your TV, car or computer — yet), the Fed's do take your money to spend wildly on this program that has little need. Some may think it's cruel, but the fact of the matter is, hunger is a great motivator. If you are so poor that you are hungry, believe you me, you'll find a way to make some money to fill your tummy. If you can't, I think you'll also find several charitable churches and non-profit organizations in this county that will help you while you find a way to support yourself.

The point is, we don't need the government taking our money to act in charitable manner. Charity is an attribute for churches and other non-profits. Being charitable is not the government's job — well that's unless they their goal is to teach you to be forever dependent on government.

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