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Jun 27, 2011 — by: P. Henry
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Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?

According to the Wall Street Journal Online, participants in the Federal Food Stamp program grew from 26 Million in 2007 to over 44 million this year. That's nearly a 70% jump in just four years. Another way to look at it is that every month, another 375,000 Americans become food stamp recipients.

America is no longer a nation of food producers; instead we are becoming a nation of food stamp recipients.

Here's an interesting question, what does the government require in return for food stamps? Yes, you read that correctly, what does the government require the food stamp recipient in return for free food? Only that you don't make too much money. Interesting. Here's a little story to illustrate:

Let's suppose I learned that you were out of work. Being the compassionate person I am I said, "Listen, I know you're in a tough spot. I'll provide you with $500 for food each month until you get another job." In that statement, what incentive have I given you to start looking for another job anytime soon? Sure $500/month for food is a good help and you'd like to make more of course, but now your equation for finding a job is going to entail losing $500/month. As it stands now, you can sleep in, do whatever you want all day, enjoy life but not have to worry about getting hungry. 

And herein lies the real problem of government give away programs: programs like these pretend to be a safety net, but on closer inspection they are just like pushers giving away free drugs to get their customers hooked. It is human nature: when you get something for nothing, there is no motivation to change your behavior. Matter of fact when you get something for nothing it only encourages you to do more of the same. 

None of these programs give an incentive for the recipient to do anything different. They actually encourage laziness and self-serving behavior while at the same time making the recipient less and less attractive to business owners. If you think that is an unfair characteristic, answer this question: If you were choosing between two potential employees with equal qualifications for the job but one had been out of work and had nothing to show on their resume for two years while the other had only been out of work for one week, which one would you choose?

Over 44 Million Served. McDonald's had better watch out. Uncle Sam may catch up soon!

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