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Jun 6, 2011 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Economics, Government

Some say it's not polite to speak the truth in such a bold fashion. Others say not to hold back but just to speak your mind. There is probably some wisdom in both and knowing when to apply each bit of wisdom makes one, well, wise.

Klamath County is suffering a terrible time economically. A 13+% unemployment rate is awful for even one quarter but Klamath has been dealing with this reality for over two years — with no end in sight. Reality is rearing its ugly face and with the national economy set to double-dip into another recession, Klamath residents are holding on for dear life.

The cold, hard facts are that our community, our county, our state and our nation thrive only when capitalism is allowed to thrive. Our county does not work, when 13% are not working. Our county does not work when public employee sector jobs are the envy of the jobless or those gainfully employed! Mark Belling substituted for Rush Limbaugh today and uttered this profundity,

"Getting a government job with a fat salary and pension is great for the person who gets it, but you have to support that job with four or five private sector jobs — and that's just not happening."

Government is an economic leach on society. Government does not create wealth; it only confiscates the wealth of the private sector. If the private sector has been strangulated by government do-gooders through regulation, it is no wonder there isn't enough money for schools, jails, police patrols and the like.

What this county needs is some sort of private sector economic engine to replace the timber industry. During the last decade the construction industry, and in lock-step Jeld-Wen, filled this vacuum. However, with the housing bubble bursting, there is nothing to take its place. The National Guard is federally funded. OIT is state funded. Sky Lakes only does well when the community around does well. What Klamath needs is a new industry to become its economic corner stone. Without some Fortune 1,000 dropping in to say hello, Klamath County is likely to struggle for the next ten years trying to break unemployment of 10%.

What we need is our local government to make the business environment so attractive to entrepreneurs or industry that they just can't stay away. Until that time, Klamath County will continue to be known as Calamity County.

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