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Jul 14, 2011 — by: B. Franklin
Categories: Government

Cheryl Hukill, Al Switzer

Earlier this week it was reported that Chuck Collins & Company have abandoned their attempt to recall Klamath County Commission Cheryl Hukill. Instead they will focus on recalling Commissioner Al Switzer only. According to Collins the reason for this change of heart is because they don't want Governor Kitzhauber selecting a county commissioner. Interesting how this wasn't discovered before their recall campaign began. I think I mentioned this in my last blog post — yeah, I did (see the fifth paragraph).

While this might be an honest admission it begins to reveal Collin's effort is an emotionally driven campaign, not a rational one. It's like the teen boy who wants to borrow his parents car for the evening. The dad says, "No you can't...." and the teenager then throws a tantrum on how his dad is unfair, and mean, and doesn't care about him or his friends. When the teen is done with his rant, the Dad explains, "... I wasn't finished. Let me try again. You can't have the car tonight,... because it is out of gas. If you have money to fill the tank, then you can use the car." In the same way, Collins & Company have decided to throw a tantrum because they don't like something. Their tantrum is to recall Al & Cheryl whom they feel most responsible for the damage done to "public safety" among other items. That said, don't you think the rational approach would've been to have first gather the facts about how replacement commissioners would be selected instead of first starting a recall for both?

The other "tell" showing that this recall is personally and emotionally motivated — not rationally —  is that if they are successful, the recall will have little if any practical effect on the county government. First, we don't know if Al Switzer is going to run again. So potentially we could be recalling someone who will be leaving his post anyways. Second, if Al does decide to run, we'll know by May 2012 whether he will get another term or not. The earliest a recall could take effect is early next year, so one has to wonder all this ($35,000 - $50,000 of county money) for a couple of months?

When John Elliott lost his primary to Dennis LInthicum in the spring of 2010, his motivation and ability to take on dynamic issues waned significantly. Those who are just counting the days before their job is over typically just do the minimum. They don't step forward to lead efforts or make large changes in policy before leaving.

If you don't like Al or Cheryl, use the election process do the work. A recall is drastic at this point and as we are learning, not based on a lot of thought, except that someone is upset.

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