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Sep 20, 2011 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Economics

It seems odd that a company whose main business is to create and sell electricity would be FOR the removal of dams which provide clean, sustainable hydroelectric power. But that is exactly what we are faced with: Pacific Power is for tearing out dams along the Klamath River. Why? Well here are three simple reasons (none of them good for us):

  1. The 25% Mandate. By 2025 all energy companies in Oregon are mandated by the State to have 25% of their power come from "Renewable Energy". Seems somewhat silly that Hydro is left off the list they consider "Renewable". There is a sliding scale so by 2015 its 15%, by 2020 its 20% and by 2025 its 25%. As a business there are two ways to get your energy portfolio to comply. First you can increase the amount of solar and wind power in your portfolio. Pacific Power is doing just that with rebates and paying up to 5x the amount for solar power — to encourage more on their grid. Second you can lessen the amount of power you generate from traditional resources. No matter how you get to the correct percentage both strategies are being pursued. And make no mistake, both strategies also mean higher electrical costs going forward.
  2. Political Correctness. If there was one thing I could remove from the American thought process it would be political correctness. This is a PR move by Pacific Power to look like they care and are concerned about the Tribes, the Farmers, the Fish, the Antelope, the rocks, the trees and the stars. It is pure, unadulterated B.S. See reason number one for the main driver, but don't underestimate the executive suite where there is little fortitude to stand up against the Tribes, the FIsh and the environmental wackos. Producing less power isn't beneficial for all, and yet cowtowing to these groups keep them out of the crosshairs of frivolous lawsuits.
  3. It Will Cost Less. This one I can kind of get my head around. Pacific Power says it will cost less to remove dams than it would be to relicense them. But the only reason that is true is because:
    1. Tax payers will be required to fund much of the cost of dam removal. Matter of fact, it's already happening with a special "fee" on the end of your bill each month. Whether you want it or not, Pacific Power is already taxing you to remove dams. Thanks PUC for looking out for us!
    2. The relicensing requirements are extreme and made that way to be cost prohibitive. The rules for relicensing are made to encourage dam removal, not renovation and safety.

Pacific Power really doesn't care if they produce 10,000 Mega Watts or 10. All they care about is getting enough money through the Public Utility Commission to stay in business. Fewer dams mean few employees which mean fewer headaches. No problem. As long as the executives get's their money, all is well — for them.

This is not capitalism. There is no incentive to seeking real energy solutions that work. There are no market forces in place that make Pacific Power become better and better at what they provide or go out of business. Pacific Power gets a D-. And I'm in a good mood today.


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  1. Finnious T. Fogbottom ~ Sep. 21, 2011 @ 4:38 pm

    Getting or giving the old what for? This reminds me of the pickup truck that raced up close behind us on a gravel road years ago. There were three very wild and drunken fellows in the front seat and the truck’s horn was honking and its headlights were flashing. I decided to come to a stop as it could have been a legitimate warning, they may have needed help or some such thing. Then they pulled up along side and hung a dead rattlesnake out the window and pretty much right in my face. Now I quickly summed the situation up and determined that they were in the position with the greatest influence. There was no other traffic on that remote road and to top things off not only was the wife and our one year old child with me but my window crank knob was broken off and I wasn’t packing any Dirty Harry caliber artillery. Well, after a split second of deliberation I confidently yet happily blurter out; “wow, nice snake!” After gaining no satisfaction from me or my beautiful and stoic wife they fishtailed off down the road to find someone else to make a lasting impression on. In reality I didn’t especially like the snake, other than I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t still alive or twitchy. I wasn’t positively impressed either, but under the circumstances I sure pretended to be on board with what was happening. Besides, like I said there were three of them. Even if I had a firearm it was 1977 and leftist political correctness had already overthrown and was in the process of repopulating the justice system. You could pretty much bet that a dead or wounded bad guy or three would automatically became the good guys in the new Red eyes of the system. Of course, anyone who used heavy force to stop the heretofore bad guys (no matter what they had done or planned) were then deemed to be the new and true bad guys. So you could say that I wasn’t all that much for snakes in the face, but I was forced to act like I was. My best hope was that they would just go away, run out of drink and sober up, or maybe even end up in jail somewhere along their way. Today political and social correctness (Neo-Marxism) authorizes and even handsomely pays GO’s and NGO’s to harass people who are just trying to go about their business, do what is right and enjoy life as best they can. Neo’s now have the power and authority to race up behind the innocent and unsuspecting and shut down their business or industry for absolutely fraudulent reasons, without any personal consequences. Then not only have they succeeded in taking away or redistributing one’s assets and related ability to make a living, but they can make the victim return the enterprise location to an idealized prehistoric condition, at the target’s expense. In this was an asset can quickly become a huge liability. Right now there are a whole lot of horrendously empowered dam fools out there. Maybe the power companies aren’t a great greedy evil enemy after all. Though humanly imperfect maybe they actually produce something that is pretty important to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Maybe they are also fulfilling that indispensable and ever shrinking roll of creating wealth in the economy. Maybe they have all sorts of snakes being forced in their face right now by wild alternative types who just really want to give every aspect of capitalism and national greatness the old what for. Maybe they are just trying to act cooperative while they wait for the real bad guys to just go away along with their vanishing funding, or become revealed for what they really are and thus themselves given the old what for. Who knows? Finnious T. Fogbottom #

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