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Feb 14, 2012 — by: T. Jefferson
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Why are there eight people running for County Commissioner and seven for County Sheriff?

It's like looking through a new deck of playing cards. Of course I'm talking about the seemingly record number of people running for public office. If you didn't know better, you'd think our community was filled with really public servant minded people. What a lovely community. 

But, we know better.

There are many reasons people run for public office and far be it for me to assume I know exactly all the reasons why any of these people is running for public office. That said, there is one factor that can't be overlooked: our sad economy. If I told you there were three jobs available, two starting at either $68,000 and the other at $74,000, plus great medical and retirement benefits, plus a near guarantee of four years before your first review, prestige from many in the local community and offices in Klamath Falls, you'd probably say, "Sign me up now."

The fact is those kind of jobs aren't really available in Klamath County, except at the Commissioners and Sheriff level. Sure these jobs are in the spotlight and come with headaches, but many people like the public limelight and what job doesn't have its unique challenges? My point is that we should not overlook the fact that a poor local economy is driving people to "take a chance" at getting a better job.

My concern would be let's not hire someone for one of these positions who is either not working or who will be getting a big pay raise. That could be the worst thing we could do. Instead let's make sure we elect people who have a real agenda that will work for all the people and that don't just want to add tax levy after tax levy to "fix" our county's financial problems.


  1. Timmy Jefferson ~ Feb. 15, 2012 @ 10:10 am

    It looks like you just took a stand against your retired buddy Dennis Jefcoat. The inconsistent 'tea party patriot' desire to both help the local job situation yet privatize more and more local services shows serious thinking errors. Most "privatization" leads to money and jobs being outsourced to bigger, non-local corporations. I consider myself a Constitiutionalist patriot, and see most of the economic problems we are facing as the result of privatizing the creation of money from Congress to the private Federal Reserve. For you to think the solution is to hack and slash local services and outsource more jobs is going in the wrong direction. We already have seen plenty of 'austerity measures' due to lowered property values, lost businesses, etc. Yes, there is plenty of waste in the way the government is run, all the way up the chain. But to further reduce local education and social services for low-income citizens, and route as much money as possible into jails and riot gear looks like a bleak future with uneducated, unemployed youth who are in and out of jails just learning the crafts of crime. It makes me think that your vision is of a society where wealthy homeschooling fundamentalists in their solar-powered compounds are the 'haves' and normal city-folk struggling to raise the next generation of entrepreneurs and employees will have to get arrested and go to jail for medical care and job training. Until we de-privatize money creation and return to Constitutional sound money, all other talk about fixing economic problems is just snipping dandelion flowers and saying you're a yard care expert. If you're claiming to be a Constitutional Patriot and are just pushing for more privatization and less local services, you've made a serious thinking error and are shooting at the wrong target. I do agree that we should avoid voting for retired blowhards like Jefcoat and elect hard-working people who actually care about the useful services and jobs our local tax dollars create. If you seriously want to reform the system to help the economy, look upstream, not down. It's a harder swim, but when you take the easy way, you just end up lost at sea. #
  2. B. Franklin ~ Feb. 15, 2012 @ 10:57 am

    Hi Timmy, Thanks for commenting! We like a lively discussion. I can say for a fact that not one person at will be voting for D. Jefcoat. While a tea party patriot we believe there are better candidates in that particular race (seat #3). It's interesting your comment, because it assumes that a) we're for Dennis Jefcoat and b) we're for privatization. This story was merely an observation that there is a higher than normal amount of people running for top-dog public offices (many not really qualified) because there are only a very few good paying jobs available in the county. #
  3. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Feb. 15, 2012 @ 3:54 pm

    Hi Timmy, This all brings to mind those things now taking place in Greece. The EU functions much like the US central banking system. Now the EU is telling Greece that they need to get their spending and income to match up a lot better or they will get no more bailout Eurobucks. Obviously if they just keep spending at unsustainable levels a cash influx would be only a temporary fix. Still some Greeks don’t seem to get it; they reject the need for extreme austerity measures and would like to instead just print their own currency and go about their lax spending ways. Sometimes the only thing worse than central bankers is a government who can just print as much money as they see fit. That is part of what lead to WWII. Germany was forced to pay war (WWI) reparations yet their economy was a wreck. The Jewish bankers warned them not to just print more money as the world markets would see that the currency was recklessly unsupported and devalue it. Well the government exercised its unrestrained banking power, printed gobs of currency then inflation became so rampant that they had to issue stamps which were placed on the paper currency to reflect its constantly decreasing value. Before the world new it Germany stopped worrying about repaying any such debt and started invading its neighbors. Unfortunately recklessly unsupported also describes the strange economic path that the world has now taken. Just enough people bought into the lie that a pristine ecology equals a robust economy. That coincided with carefully implanted anti-corporate prejudices and the manufactured fear of human caused global climate centered environmental meltdown. Greece and the USA are not the only nations which have gotten all Marxist green and attempted to replace the real resource based economy with government jobs and spending. Now we are all careening towards a real and true meltdown. Yes, there are lots of nicely compensated wealth redistributing public jobs with incredible medical and retirement benefits out there that society can not come close to affording. One would hope that that sector will not do as the Greeks did – raise the top effect tax rate to over 60% and start burning the county down when that failed to solve their problems. What could come next is about as far from privatization as one can get; chaos initiated Nation Unity Government. Public office could become very interesting very soon. Finnious #

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