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Feb 17, 2012 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Economics, Government

The Tax Man - Burden on the People for the sake of the fewToday (Friday, Feb. 17th, 2012) the Commissioners voted 2-1 to approve the drafting of a $1.8 million public safety levy. The commissioners were set to vote on Tuesday for a $1.5 million levy when a group came in and played an awful 9-1-1 call. The basic claim of this group was if just a little more money was spent on public safety, they could help prevent such tragedies in our community. Two of the three commissioners obviously agreed and added $300,000 to the levy.

Here's the problem. Our wants will always outstrip our resources. Some may want more policemen. Some may like there to be more libraries. Some may want for lower rates (funded by someone else) for their mortgage. Some may think they shouldn't have to pay full price at the gas pump. Some may think food should be free. Others might want discounts on all clothing. The wants of our society are endless. It's almost like the thinking of the little boy who once asked his dad, "Why do we have to have money? Why can't we just share everything?"

While a nice sentiment, the adult answer is obvious: there are always far more wants than resources. Always. Therefore there has to be some sort of rationing put in place. Liberals believe government is the best arbiter of such things. Government is "fair and noble" they claim. Governments can mandate pricing and then force taxes on group A to subsidize pricing for group B. Conservatives believe free market pricing is the most efficient and fair arbiter. Look no further than the controlled districts of New Your and San Francisco. The most expensive rent in the country and all brought on by liberal thinking of price controls on rent — supposedly to help the poor!

The commissioners need to understand that the previous two jail tax levies failed because people said, no more taxes. And in response, two of the three commissioners are trying to solve a problem by asking the tax payers to play stupid and to roll over this time. I guess if you beat the tax payer down enough they will relent? Even the Klamath City School District is now in the act, placing a special tax levy on the ballot for "the children." 

Do government officials think they can tax their way out of their financial problems? Apparently those in public service think that is the answer. Can't do with less. Can't cut staff. Can't cut services. Can't become more efficient. Nope, you, Mr. & Mrs. Tax Payer, must sacrifice more for their programs, for their causes. That's the way it's got to be. I'm sure the Jeld-Wen owners in Toronto have got to be thinking, "Maybe Klamath isn't the best place to run this business. It's getting more and more expensive."

Let's stand strong and say "No" to any increase in taxes. It hurts our businesses and therefore it hurts our community. If the current public servants can't do with what they've been given, then maybe they should step aside and let others try who think they can.

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