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Feb 17, 2012 — by: G.W. Washington
Categories: Government

Klamath County Commissioner Candidate Tom Mallams released a bold statement yesterday. Tom Mallams has pledged, "I will not raise taxes during my term.” You can read his full statement on his website.

This is a very interesting move, especially as the current commissioners are deciding how much to increase taxes for a jail levy. Moreover, Klamath City School's Board just voted to place another levy on the ballot this May. It seems that those who are publicly funded and whose budgets are now smaller think the answer to their finacial challenge is to use the power of government to grab more money for themselves.

But wait, where does that money come from? The citizenry of course. And where do the citizens of Klamath County get extra money to pay for the extra taxes? They don't. They are forced to sacrifice more of their private wealth for the for the decisions made by very few.

Two Ideas To Consider

1) Why can't government do with less? Every one else is having to do with less during this recession. But for some reason, government shouldn't have to. Can any of us go to our employer and ask for more money because times are tough? No. Can we go the county and ask for a grant because times are tough? No. So what makes the people in "public service" so special that they can? Shouldn't they be willing to sacrifice MORE than we do because they are our servants — as they like to claim.

2) Is this really a funding problem or an overspending problem? While there are lots of services we all would like government to provide, right now there isn't the money to do so. Therefore are our public servants taking time to focus on the items we need as a community instead? I ask you read Commissioner's Linthicum's article on this issue.

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