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Feb 19, 2012 — by: T. Jefferson
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Midnight in Paris

Today's Herald and News has two front page headlines read,

Main Headline: “Our lives depend on the river
Sub Headline: “We were taught to be ashamed of who we are

Here is the liberal bias of the Herald and New's editorial desk front and center. Neither of these headlines report news. Instead the front page becomes the editorial page telling a story from a particular perspective — a liberal one.

What if I were to say that as a conservative I can make those exact same claims? They only differences would be I wouldn't get my picture on the front page of the Herald and News, and I wouldn't get my story told properly. I too depend on the river — for fish, for affordable power, for agriculture and more. I could argue I depend on the river as much or far more than the perspective the editors chose to portray. I also could claim as a white male that I have been taught to be ashamed of who I am. White, male and of European descent is equivalent to unadulterated evil for the liberal. The only way to assuage that guilt, to rid of the sin, is to give back and restore everything to the way it once was — in a time when men were supposedly more at peace with the land and nature at large.

I recently watched Midnight in Paris with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. This quirky Woody Allen film was done well. It's main point was that we all tend to romanticize the past, as if living in the "golden age" would be far better than today. To live in the past is always better in the romantic's eye than to live in the present and move forward. This same fantasy is front and center in today's paper. If we just go back to the golden days before the dams, then magically we can live in a far better world. It may appear that way for a few, but for the majority our daily lives without the dams will be far worse than the supposed harm they have created.

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  1. Chris Hankins ~ Feb. 19, 2012 @ 7:56 pm

    Very well said! The problem seems to be that conservatives just keep on thinking that truth matters. Liberals define truth as what feels right, or what they would like to reality to be. Conservatives base their definition of truth on demonstrable reality and wisdom gleaned by human experience (sometimes recorded in sacred writings) through the ages. In the age of virtual reality, is it any wonder that people can't discern what is true? #

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