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Mar 24, 2012 — by: J. Madison
Categories: Economics, Government

Open Enrollment, Klamath Falls, Klamath CountyThe Klamath Falls City School and Klamath County School Districts have both approved "Open Enrollment." Open enrollment means that  students (grades 7-12) can apply to switch schools before the April 1st deadline. If you don't like the current middle or high school that you are forced to go to based on geographical location, you now have an opportunity to switch and go somewhere else.

While open enrollment is in the direction of liberty, we still aren't there yet. What if someone wants to go to Triad or Hosannah? Since those aren't public schools, those don't count. You can go, but will have to fork out an additional $5-6K/year. Competition works best when pricing is involved. In combination, price and competition always turn out the best product or service — in this case schools. 

If the two public school districts would embrace a voucher system, where parents get $10K per student (what is currently spent on each public school student), then we would have real competition. Nothing would be free as each school would have a tuition and parents then can make informed choices on where they want their child to attend. The school that is most popular would probably become the most expensive, but that's okay as other schools would rush to make their schools better. And there is the key, schools that are highly motivated to make their school better than the others. Price, like no other mechanism, automatically does this better than any central planning agency could ever dream.

Let's applaud the move to open enrollment, but now push this across the finish line and add price to the equation. We do want the best schools possible, right? We sure are paying for it.


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  1. Peggy H. ~ Mar. 24, 2012 @ 7:51 pm

    I recently read a great article about how government schools hinder the imagination, enterprise and ingenuity of students. Paste this into your browser for a no nonsense view of our educational system. Also, here is a fabulous video called "The Call to Dunkirk" to help parents consider breaking the government monopoly. Of course, we all know many devoted and caring teachers who want the best for their students. The paradigm of the government monopoly in education needs to allow free choice. Notice how Klamath schools are already working hard to attract students due to their decision to allow open enrollment. I applaud the schools willingness to give a few students the chance to choose. #

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