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Mar 5, 2012 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Economics, Government

Watch our good friend Fred (left), help his friend Bill (right) understand why our officials are wrong to ask us for more money.

The reason we have this fiscal crisis is because government revenues are down. Why have revenues decreased? They are down because our local economy has tanked. So the solution — according to the wizards of smart — is to take MORE money out of the private sector. What?!? They claim they want more jobs and economic growth and in the same breath say they need to take more money from the private sector. Just think about that for a second and the response is, Really? Really.

Even if there isn't enough money for public safety, why is the default solution to raise taxes? What ever happened of prudence? What ever became of being frugal with the public's money? What happened to using every last penny for pubic safety first and then if there is any left over, funding is made available for other departments. Look, this problem isn't hard to solve — it's just politically hard. The library special interest, the public health special interest, the building special interest, the nature special interest will all scream because their funding most certainly will decline. But these are tough times and in real life there are times we must forgo wants of a few for the needs of all. And public safety is needed by all. None of the others are.

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