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Apr 18, 2012 — by: P. Henry
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Sissy FamersToday County Officials approved budgets for several items. One of those items was funding for the county trapper. The argument goes that without this important service provided by the county, agriculture will suffer.

I say horse-hockey.

Chuck Cleland is a nice fellow and a very skilled trapper. From what I hear he is well liked and takes special care to make sure he is courteous to people and at the same time tenacious to get his prey. Fantastic. But that has nothing to do whether the county should fund this activity. It also doesn't explain why the family living on Esplande or on Hope Street should pay for a county trapper. The idea is that if the county didn't provide this service, livestock would be killed and farmers would suffer. Again, I repeat, Horse-Hockey! Look, from what I know about farmers it's that they are very skilled at fixing problems one way or another. So when an unwanted coyote or mountain lion decides to show up, I can guarantee you the farmers I know, know how to fix that problem, without a county paid trapper. If for some reason they are unable to do this, then I see no reason why they couldn't pay for a private trapper to come do this for them. Look when I don't have time to change the oil in my car I don't expect the county government to collect taxes from everyone else in the county to pay for this service, I pay for it myself.

Commissioner Switzer argued today that if we don't have a county trapper then the preditors could increase and might overtake our ability to control them. Really? Yes, he actually said that. Horse-Hockey! If Mr. Switzer's statement is true, then please explain how the farmers that settled this land survived year after year, decade after decade when there were thousands of more predators in the Basin before he become commissioner? The farmers that settled this land didn't have a county funded trapper — they were the trappers! They took care of themselves and those they cared about. There was no need for a government funded trapper. By Commissioner Switzer bringing forth this argument, he is really calling today's Klamath County farmers "Sissies" because they can't take care of themselves. In Mr. Switzer's world today's farmers need government to solve there predator problem.

There were several other examples from today's budget meetings that show how Commissioner Switzer and Commissioner Hukill are more than willing to spend your tax dollars until the money is gone without a care in the world. And when the till is empty we know what they do, they create a panic and say you aren't paying enough. The try to raise your taxes so they have more to spend — for your benefit of course.

Time for some new blood in government. Time for some conservative blood. Time for some fiscally sound conservatives to right the ship and bring county government back in line. Are you ready to vote? I sure am.


  1. Terry Clemens ~ Apr. 20, 2012 @ 6:03 pm

    Your article was "spot on", but your picture really "sucks." #
  2. Chris Hankins ~ Apr. 22, 2012 @ 9:34 am

    Even 50 years ago when we were young farmers you could carry a gun in your pickup anywhere in Klamath County without being under suspicion. (Try picking up your kid at school that way now.) And you weren't on a "terrorist" list for buying ammunition. If you shot a cougar that had been prowling around, you weren't arrested and jailed. You could buy poison for those pesky ground squirrels, and bait coyotes when they became a menace. Farmers can sure take care of themselves, but they have a tough time with the government criminalizing their efforts--some places even making it a crime to raise dust when plowing or make noise at night when baling hay. Real farmers/ranchers mostly want gov't to leave us alone and LET us take care of ourselves! #
  3. David Hill ~ May. 6, 2012 @ 9:46 am

    The coments by P.Henry is just some more liberal anti farmer-rancher BS. We can't kill cougars, only the trapper can if you have damage or loss by cougar. People living in K Falls can lose their pets from coyotes or cougars who enjoy eating cats & dogs. Two years ago a rancher I know who lives in Lakeview shot a cougar in the towm of lakeview. Cougars have also been reported in Bly and Round Lake housing area. Unless you have personally experienced loss of livestock,or a pet by these predators, or if you are a hunter you should know what the devistating loss to wild game caused by cougar, coyote and wolves. We have also lost cows which were in the process of calving by the coyotes eating the calf & part of the cows vulva area during birth. So wise up , unless you have experienced a lose of a pet or livestock, talk to a rancher, he knows #

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