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Apr 9, 2012 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Government

The Klamath Public Safety Advisory Committee — set up by both the City of Klamath Falls and Klamath County to solve the "funding problem" for County patrols and jails — has lost its way. First, there is no longer an urgent need for their service. Initially, they were to recommend a short-term fix to fund Jail Pod B for next year. However, this was solved when the governor waived the restriction and allowed Klamath County to use money it already had in its bank account (nice system when you can't use your own money without special permission). If the PSAC had its way, the citizens of Klamath county would be swallowing a $4.2 million tax increase each of the next three years.

Next the PSAC was to work on a long-term solution to Public Safety funding, so jails could stay open and there would be enough patrols to keep our streets safe. However, unless this committee gets serious about the ever-increasing costs associated with union labor, they will never solve the problem (without ever-increasing taxes that keep pace). So far costs have been missing from their conversation (you see the problem is completely a funding problem).

However, now they have really gone overboard. Not that they were competent in either of their first two tasks, but now the PSAC has been given permission to expand their scope to look at Fire and Ambulance funding. To help in this effort the committee has welcomed six more people to prestigious clique, bringing their brain-trust total to 18 people. Yes, 18! 

You don't have to have lived very long to know that a "committee of 18" usually gets nothing accomplished. Moreover it isn't just the size that's now a problem, it's also their increased scope.

It's time for the Public Safety Advisory Committee to take a time out. It's time fo the PSAC to reassess their purpose. At this rate we might as well add Public Health to their docket — because ensuring funding for that is important too. And how about Library & Museum funding? To help we'll increase their size to 35.

Committees are effective when they are kept to a reasonable number (less than eight) and given a specific task or tasks (not general problems to solve). The PSAC is going in completely the opposite direction. This has been a disaster from the get-go and only looks to get worse.

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  1. Jon Robertson ~ Apr. 11, 2012 @ 8:48 am

    Great points. As this committee grows and morphs in seek of a purpose the members get praise for all their "hard work". But are they really doing anything useful? Also, we will have a new Sheriff in a few months. This committee should wait until we know who that is, because his agenda, his philosophy of how to keep a community safe may be entirely different than the current one. #

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