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May 28, 2012 — by: G.W. Washington
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Memorial Day, Time to Remember American ValuesOn this Memorial Day weekend, as we take care to remember those who have fought and died for this country, it's odd that in this land of liberty and opportunity that people would fall into the trap of thinking this nation was founded on the value of equality. Not equality of rights or equality under the law, but rather equality of results. During the past 30 years the Left has been indoctrinating the foreign versions of fairness and equality into our children. On their face, these two values seem as American a apple pie and Chevrolet. However, it is imperative to understand the meaning of these terms, for these are the calling cards of the Left to revolution and a Brave New World of tyranny.

Words have specific meanings. Unless those meanings are understood by all, then communication becomes confused. And confusion is exactly what the Left hopes for and inspires. The Left's revolution can take place through a brutal civil war or by causing such confusion and despair that citizens demand change by yielding more power to government. The Left is fine with either type of revolution. As long as more power is granted to an all knowing government, all is well.

It's important to define what the Left means by equality and fairness and what the American meaning is. So when you hear the Left speak of equality and fairness it becomes clear they are really intending something different than the American ideal.

  The Left’s Meaning The American Meaning
Equality Just as Marx, Lennon, Stalin and Mao claimed, the Left believes all citizens should be equal. There should be no difference between one neighbor and the next. Everyone should have the same housing, the same food, the same clothing and the same opportunity. Only then can the demons of envy, jealousy, poverty and injustice be removed from society. If everyone has the same, is the same and will be the same, then everyone is truly equal and everyone can then focus on the good of the whole and what is best for society — of course this is determined by the “benevolent” government . Equality in America has a very different meaning. It does not mean "same". It means all citizens are treated equal in regards to authority. American equality has nothing to do with what someone owns, earns, or aspires to be. Instead American equality has everything to do with the idea that no citizen is above the law. The law of the land applies equally to all people no matter one's race, sex, creed or religion.
Fairness The Left finds that if one citizen has more wealth, ability or drive than another, this is unfair. To the Left it is unfair that certain companies, organizations or people have more than others. It doesn't matter how these groups obtained more, the fact is they have more, and by the Left's definition this is unfair — a moral wrong that needs to be fixed. Therefore this unfair distribution of wealth, opportunity and talent needs to be taken from those who have and divided up for the rest of the citizens to enjoy. Only then can fairness be achieved. Fairness is when everyone is equal, using the Left's definition of equal. The American value of fairness is that everyone plays by the same rules. It doesn't matter that some have more than others. All that matters is that wealth or opportunity was obtained through no privileged advantage. The American value of fair is seen in sports all the time. It is said that a match was "unfair" if one team or person get's special treatment by the officials over the others. However when everyone is judged by the same set of rules, then the outcome is fair, even though one team will win and the other loses. One team was better, and in that make for better sports. How? Because the losing team will now retool to get better so they can win next time.

So on this Memorial Day, remember those who went before us. Remember those who died for American values. Those values were not to take from those who have more and give to those who have less. Those values were to ensure an equal application of the law so everyone would be free to play, as they wish, under the same set of rules.

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