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May 6, 2012 — by: P. Henry
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You know you must be making headway when:

  • Your opponents hide behind a anonymous PAC.
  • Their only tactic is to twist your words into something you never meant (they have to be dishonest).

If you are a registered Republican in Klamath County, you probably got one of these warm and fuzzy postcards over the weekend. The assertion made by this piece is that Tom Mallams is against agriculture in the Basin. Now anyone who knows or has ever heard Tom speak for more than two minutes would know how silly that idea is — if not laughable. Tom has been a rancher himself for many years. Before that he was a retail manager in Klamath Falls. Tom has enemies not because he is anti-business or anti-rancher, but because he is anti-KBRA.

The creators of this postcard is Classic PAC. You can look them up here. Classic PAC has two members from the Basin, Becky Hyde and Steve Kandra, both who are very pro-KBRA. They must fear that Tom could win Commissioner Position #1 and so they went to dirty smear trick #1 — lie about your opponent anonymously.

Now we're not against being anonymous. Matter of fact sometimes being anonymous allows for an idea to take center stage rather than a person or personality. Here at, our anonymous bloggers want you to focus on our ideas and not be distracted by those who are writing them. Maybe that was Classic PACs intent as well? If so, then we should focus on their ideas. However their idea that Tom Mallams is anti-rancher or anti-farmer is just plain stupid. Tom will be a great advocate for farmers, ranchers and businesses. That is exactly what we need. He will also work to remove government from as much of your life as possible. On the other hand Becky Hyde and Steve Kandra advocate just the opposite. KBRA is all about making everyone pay for something they believe in — dam removal and the KBRA (which includes using taxpayer money to buy and give the Klamath Tribes forest land). That is exactly the kind of government we don't want or need.

So make sure to vote. Vote Tom Mallams for Commissioner Position #1. Having two conservative commissioners would mean we will start to see some fiscally sound and principally driven local government.


  1. Benedict Arnold ~ May. 7, 2012 @ 9:44 am

    Persons Associated with Committee Committee Information Name: Classic PAC ID: 15686 Statement Effective From: 04/20/2012 to present Filing Type: Amendment Treasurer Name Address Contact Kevin F Neely 2236 SE 10th Ave Portland, OR 97214 Work Phone: (503)295-1851 Home Phone: Fax: (503)295-0670 Email Address: Director Name Effective From Effective To Address Phone Occupation / Employer Becky Hyde 03/19/2012 Present 2236 SE 10th Ave Portland, OR 97214 Rancher Self Employed Steve Kandra 04/20/2012 Present PO Box 572 Merrill, OR 97633 Farmer Self Employed John Snider 04/20/2012 Present Pleasant Creek Rd Rogue River, OR 97537 Rancher Self Employed Lynn Lundquist 04/20/2012 Present 15203 Shumway Rd Powell Butte, OR 97753 Rancher Self Employed Additional Committee Information Prior Statement of Organization Campaign Finance Reports Statement of Organization Printer Friendly Version Print Statement of Organization PDF History #
  2. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ May. 10, 2012 @ 11:21 am

    It all looks and sounds so Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” normal: Isolate – Ridicule – Marginalize….. Repeat. Copy and paste the following article link to your browser and you will be glad you did (or just net search Isolate – Ridicule – Marginalize….. Repeat): As the article illustrates, the stanky Left is pretty good at isolating, ridiculing and marginalizing. After all when they have no truth, decency, morality or logic on their side they usually just do as the devil does. Thus the level at which Radical Leftist tactics which are now (even more desperately) showing up is not surprising, it’s just another reason to vote for Tom! Best regardless, Finnious #

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