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Jan 17, 2013 — by: T. Jefferson
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Ar-15-gunThere has been a lot emotion and bloviating since the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school. The main theme has been how to prevent the Sandy Hook tragedy from ever happening again. Both the Right and the Left have been strongly advocating their solutions to solve this problem.

For conservatives the Second Amendment is sacrosanct and therefore removing guns from law abiding citizens isn't the answer. The Right argues that if more people carried weapons, if schools weren't "Gun Free Zones" but if there were trained teachers and administrators who were armed, Sandy Hook would not have been nearly as bad — if it had even happened at all. Most of these murders are cowards at heart. That is why they take their own lives in the end. They only prey on the helpless and a school full of children, without armed adults to defend, is an easy target to make their point —whatever sick point that may be. If schools were armed by trained adults who worked at the school everyday, such murders would think twice, three times or just give up before trying. They wouldn't be able to roam the halls and shoot whomever stood in their way, because around the next corner might be someone who will shoot back.

On the other hand the Left blames the Guns. If we would just remove all guns from society then sick people couldn't murder. Of course they can't get rid of all the guns now, so they move slowly picking and choosing which guns look the scariest. But the Left's end game is to remove all guns from society. No guns means that no children are mass murdered.

However there are currently an estimated 300,000,000 guns in this country. If that isn't a big of enough hurdle, then there is the Second Amendment to deal with. Its purpose was to allow ordinary citizens to defend themselves. Defend themselves from whom? From an overreaching, overbearing government. Yes, that is the exact purpose of the Second Amendment. To counter the government from trampling on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Amendment #2 was not written so people could hunt, collect guns or go to the shooting range whenever they wanted. No the specific purpose of the Second Amendment was to give the government pause before trying to move from protecting liberty to distributing tyranny.

The Left’s Logic Fails

Let's take a quick look at the Left's logic and see how it is flawed. Law abiding citizens, by definition, are those who abide by the laws of the land. Criminals, on the other hand, are those who do not. So laws restricting the purchase of new guns, does very little, if anything, to prevent criminals from using guns to harm others.

Now let's take a look at law enforcement. By definition, the police are a subset of law abiding citizens. They a specific sub-group given the task to enforce the law. Now as a subset of law abiding citizens will the new gun laws that President Obama and the Left want to enact apply to them as well? Of course not. But why not? Well, because they need to be able to catch the bad guys and the bad guys often have guns. But there is a more sinister reason, and that is because they are directly responsible to the ruling class (aka politicians), not the public. An armed police force and an unarmed public is exactly what the Second Amendment was to prevent. If it is a bad idea for law abiding citizens to have guns of a certain type, then it is equally a bad idea for law enforcement to have those same evil weapons. Besides it is the public at large that prevents crime, not law enforcement. In general, law enforcement can only respond to crimes, not prevent them. By removing the ability to defend oneself from the people with evil intentions, society is far worse off. If you don't think so, look at the violent crime rates between England/Wales and the United States. England's violent crime rate is 3.5 times greater than the United States — and by the way, they don't allow law abiding citizens to have guns.

Who needs an AR-15 with a ten-clip magazine? Anyone and everyone who wants to stop a bad guy with a 9-clip magazine.

Remember the purpose of the Second Amendment. Remember the purpose of the Left.  One of the two is a foreign idea. One of the two is a non-American idea. One of the two must be defeated.

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  1. George Wright ~ Feb. 3, 2013 @ 5:52 pm

    The left's logic is swaddled in sophistry. The arguments emerge from the very depths of their liberal souls where emotion trumps reason. Walt Disney once explained the attraction of his cartoons - he called it "the plausible impossible". For instance, if you could run fast enough, passing over the edge of a cliff, for a moment you would be carried forward in mid air. You would fall only when you stopped. The Constitution is under revision by the very people sworn to defend it. Can we restore the nation to what once defined it's greatness? Are we capable of making the difficult and painful changes? #

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