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Dec 13, 2013 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Economics, Government

Greg-walden-headshotJust a quick note. First Merry Christmas. This is the time of year to reflect on that what really matters, and merry times are often too far and few in our lives. This is also the same message you can find the anti-politician Dennis LInthicum proclaiming. It's a breath of fresh air to know Dennis, in the middle of a heated race for U.S. Representative, goes against the politically correct mantra of “happy holidays” and wishes us all a Merry Christmas.

Second, our “conservative” congressman in DC, Greg Walden, seems to think his relationship with the Washington elite is more important than our principles here in rural Oregon. Wednesday he proudly announced he was voting for the budget deal — a bi-partisan effort — that increases spending now, promising to slow spending later.  Dennis was on Lars Larson's show Thursday. They talked about this like Lars telling his wife he was going to purchase a $2,000 rifle on borrowed money and then would make up the difference in 5-10 years by not drinking so many Dutch Bros. coffees. That analogy is probably closer to the truth than we know!

What is frustrating is Representative Walden's insistence that he is working hard for us and that he is a conservative. This vote should show you that nothing is further from the truth. Think about it for a moment, how do you know Walden is a conservative? Where did you hear that? Is it because you looked up his record and see that? No, of course not. If you did that you'd know he fails on all four major conservative watchdog lists. Club For Growth calls Greg Walden a true RINO and Madison Project places him on their Wall of Shame.

Where you heard this drivel is from Walden's own mouth and his staff, over and over and over again. Every letter, ever speech, every word from the Walden machine repeats these lies over and over. “Walden is working hard for you. Walden is a conservative.”  He may be a republican, but a conservative, not a chance.

In less than a year, Walden has voted to raise your taxes (Fiscal Cliff deal with Obama at the end of 2012) AND now just voted to break the sequester (which had a governor placed on spending) and is increase spending. All on promises in the out-years congress will get serious about reducing spending. Again, in the last year Walden has voted for a tax increase and for spending to increase.


Does that sound conservative to you? Does that sound like a representative who is concerned or serious about our nation’s massive $17 trillion dollar debt? No, it looks more like Representative Walden is very comfortable in his position and more concerned about his relationships in Washington than about our nation. You and I, we are being played for the the fools.

16 years is long enough for Congressman Walden. It is time for a real conservative with conviction, not made of compromise. Support a true conservative. Vote Dennis LInthicum for Congress!


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