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Feb 15, 2013 — by: Finnious T. Fogbottom
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Klamath-lakeGuest article by Finnious T. Fogbottom

To the current Klamath County Commissioners,

I agree with your stance against the KBRA and related issues.  To understand your position one need only look at how the integrity of the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Paul Houser and seven or so Federal biologist was savagely maligned because they refused to support a set of indefensible dirty tricks and unscientific falsehoods.  How could they be forced to call it science anyway when there are no (acknowledged) Basin deep core samples hanging around:  Samples that would have established a reliable scientific baseline as to the true hydrologic etc. etc. etc. history of this disturbingly and darkly coveted region?

Heck, if they just went along with it all and then got busted they’d just be promoted in one way or another like the Hair of the Lynx Hoax folks.  So their stand agaisnt the safe, lazy and easy path makes them true American heroes!

If one was at the very least somewhat politically socially scientifically sincere they should be able to deduce in an instant that the Quincy Library Agreement and the Owyhee Initiative are desperately yearning to provide woeful examples and insight aplenty into some potentially severe  KBRA etc. pitfalls.  Those disagreeablements blatantly introduce a citizen to the inherent unavoidable dangers associated with liberal-environmental-federally instigated property etc. rights rending collaborative efforts.  Oddly enough though (or not) many of the pro KBRA legislators on the California side also supported and still support the concept of the failed Quincy Library “Agreement”.  Something does indeed smell a tad bit off pudding in that respect.

Yet alas, maybe it’s true and we should question and worry no more about any of this as Donald Cluck is about to come by magic carpet bag to the Basin with huge sacks of digitally backed miracle simulated money.  Yes, just maybe in the end we will all finally be able to live in peace, harmony, unity and eat organic pop tarts together all daze long.  Not only that, all will become (by government inducement) collaborately, collectively and liberally ecstatic about every consensusly approved thing. The new goodness will even flow right down to smallest chicken who will now be awarded a lifetime supply of medically and scientifically proven otherwise indispensable pot.  Or was that, or did that used to be a chicken in every…?

The problem does arise though as to what do with all of those faux scientists who supported the creative epic KBRA mis and disinformation and settlement propaganda projects?  In other words when their job on us is done, they’ll be done too. Oh yes I almost forgot, they could probably become faux journalists and produce full page newspaper adds telling us how we need to get rid of all humans, especially if we want to continue in genuine sustainable giddiness.

Best regards regardless,
Finnious T. Fogbottom


  1. Eightdogs ~ Feb. 20, 2013 @ 4:25 pm

    Politics for Dummies Glossary of Terms Liberal: Emotional person or persons with no idea what the term LOGIC means. Conservative: Person or persons who claim to be the opposite of a liberal, but lifestyle reflects otherwise. Libertarian/Constitutionalist: Liberal person or persons by early 1900 standards. Minimal government, wants to be left alone to live a frugal lifestyle, believes all laws should reflect the original intent of the Constitution. Definitions: Non-partisan: Much like going to a game where all players wear the same uniform, no way to keep score. Bi-Partisan: When both major political parties have time to enact tyrannical laws and new taxes. Partisan: Both major parties argue constantly and have less time to extort and oppress constituents. Political Offices: Commissioner: A utopian that plans to change the world one county at a time until he realizes it is more realistic to use his position for nepotism and climbing the political ladder. House Representative: Former Supervisor, but probably more honest since the job pays better. State Senator: An elitist elected by a majority of gerrymandered senate districts that represent interests of special groups that donate to his re-election campaign. US Senator: Elected by a majority vote of the people, whereas the highest density of population, liberal cities, elect US Senators who know nothing and don’t care about rural areas of the state, which is generally 90% of the state land mass. US House of Representative: Elected by districts gerrymandered to have as many constituents of one party in each district as possible. President: Previously a public servant who served the people. Now community activists, criminals and falsified credential aliens who wish to be king from either major political party are eligible for The Office of the Presidency. All others are vilified by the media until they have no credibility. #
  2. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Feb. 21, 2013 @ 3:21 pm

    I guess what you are trying to say is that human nature is all messed up? I agree. But alas we won’t and can’t be saved by the collaborated consensus approval of a set of KBRA lies and/or dirty tricks. Can we? Oh sure we could get rid of the electoral process all together and move to a dictatorship like Julius Cesar did. Or maybe to an enviro based system of centralized UNELECTED Soviet Styled (stakeholder) councils. Either example leads to quite a bit of fiddling while everything burns downs. So why is the human species so messed up? Genesis gives us a pretty good look at that. First we defied God and got into knowledge without Godly wisdom and as a result the propensity to form, share and/or believe wild opinions became embedded in our programming. Then the human bloodline joined up with fallen angels and our code became so messed up that God thought about wiping out all Satanically warped life on earth. But for Job, He saved a small number of humans and a bunch of animals. Still the bad code Arked through the flood and finally worked together to build a tower to the Heavens to show God that they were a force to be reckoned with. He then had to further alter our computer code so we could no longer use that stolen warped power in unity against God. The Great Differences were then shed onto the human kind. Those differences of not only race and language, but also talent, ability, language, persuasions and appearance etc. Society was then like a bell curved pyramid; a few at the top working on down to the masses. The stack is also three dimensional thus there are all sorts of liberal, conservative and middle views on every subjects. The bottom line is that people can’t even agree on what to eat for lunch, let alone the best way to grow it, cook it etc. The more we argue the hungrier future generations will get. Lucky for us He sent His only begotten Son the make a way for us back from our separation from God and from each other. If we choose to accept it. Sadly though evidence is seen every day of the continued attempt on the part of code damaged humanity to get back to the Garden of Eden, back to human peaceful, plentiful unity and back to the perfection of humanity which existed before the warp – all without God. That’s just one reason why godless restoration and collaboration efforts don’t usually end up so well. Best regards, Finnious #

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