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Feb 17, 2013 — by: B. Franklin
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Karl-marx0One thing you have to admit, Liberals are a patient lot. Liberalism didn't just appear in America one day. Instead, slowly but steadily Liberalism has been advancing the cause of an all powerful state, an irrelevant church, and the subservient individual.

A popular tactic of the Left is called incrementalism. It is a slippery slope that gets the public to buy into a liberal idea — but slowly over time. Incrementalism typically ties itself to an emotional or compassionate cause (we need to help the needy, the children, the elderly, etc). The way incrementalism works is similar to boiling a frog. If a frog were placed into boiling pot of water, the frog naturally reacts by immediately jumping out of the pot containing certain death. However, if you place a frog into cool water and slowly over time warm the water to a state of boiling, the frog will never know what has happened until it is too late.

In Klamath County we see this playing out with the County School Bond Measure soon before us. The plea is "Just a little bit more". Even though the County and City school districts receive nearly $100 million each year (that's nearly $1 Billion spent on public education in our county in just 10 years), they will be asking you for just a little bit more: a mere 53¢ per $1,000 on property taxes. That sounds harmless enough. This blog has several reasons to be against this bond measure, but this post looks at what's happening incrementally.

Just two years ago Measures 66 & 67 passed and promised by raising taxes just a little bit more on greedy corporations we could fix all our education funding woes. However, the result is that Oregon's economy is further in the doldrums and many school district administrators are looking for more money. Klamath County is no different. Our sluggish local economy, with unemployment over 10% for several years in a row, affects all aspects of public life. 

But educators aren't the only ones who are going to ask the public for "just a little bit more". The Public Safety Commission is likely to want more for jails, and then there is the museum, the library, the recreation district, airport lobby, the city sewer — and that's just a start. Everyone will ask for just a little bit more. But no one ever asks, "How much is enough?" because the answer to that question, when government is concerned, is there is never enough. There are always more projects, more things government can do to make life better in the utopian world imagined by liberals. 

One hope in Klamath County is that our commissioners will stand up for the average tax payer and say enough is enough. We shall see if they will be the conservative leaders they claim by rallying the public against the special interests that always over promise and under deliver. They are our representatives against the insatiable, bloated bureaucracy with Cadillac health insurance and retirement packages who always want just a little bit more.

The next time you hear it's only a little bit more for whatever noble cause, just say no because it is a lie. It's never just a little bit more. It's always a little bit more, which then ends up being a lot!

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