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Feb 7, 2013 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Government

If you consider yourself a fiscal conservatives, then go to the Herald and News website. I have been involved in a spirited, yet calm and reasonable discussion about the upcoming $31 Million School Bond Measure. I'd ask that you read the article, PAC makes case for $31M for schools, then read the comments — from the bottom to the top (that's how they are chronologically ordered).

Here’s The Challenge

Stand up and join the discussion by making a comment. As fiscal conservatives we should be demanding better from our education system, not just dumping more money into a broken one. I'm working hard here, but it will take us all together to make a real difference. If we do nothing and say nothing then we truly are nothing but a grumbling, complaining people.

Instead let's make our voices be heard in the public square. Let's show a new way to better education using free market, conservative principles. The socialistic, monopolistic, corrupt school system is broken and now is our opportunity to show the public a better way, a more prosperous way. But first we must stop the status quo. We must say no to any more money going to a system that produces 73% (County) and 57% (City) graduation rates.

Let your voice be heard or be quiet and accept what comes your way.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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