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Mar 3, 2013 — by: J. Madison
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Copco DamIf you get your news from Entertainment tonight, if you think that Lady Gaga is the essence of classical music and if you believe it's only a matter of time before aliens invade our planet then you will also probably put a lot of weight in the results of the latest KBRA poll conducted by the Herald and News.

The paper is attempting to get the pulse of the people by asking, "Do you agree with the Klamath County commissioners pulling out of the KBRA?" As a community paper this is not a bad idea. However, if the results are reported as "news" instead of entertainment, that will be another sad commentary on the editorial staff. The reason this poll can not be viewed as anything but entertainment is because you can vote as many times as you'd like. I've already voted two times and might go back again after I'm done writing.

If you want to know how the public really thinks on the issue, see the following list:

  • Girard, 2010
  • Linthicum, 2010
  • G. Whitsett, 2012
  • D. Whitsett, 2012
  • Mallams, 2012
  • Bellet, 2012

That's a 6-0 record for those opposed to the KBRA and being elected to office. All six made the KBRA an important part of their campaign. Most likely their stance on the KBRA was a determining issue in their election victories. If you want to know how county residents think about the KBRA, look no further than the elections results — the only opinion poll that really counts.


  1. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Mar. 11, 2013 @ 7:04 pm

    For sure KBRA activists, advocates and twisticons postulate a happy KBRA/KHSA circle of cooperation and wonderful progressive unified secure future possibilities. Though in real world application, unity as such hasn’t been even remotely possible since the fall of humankind in the Garden of Eden and the Tower of Babble. Regardless, the constant drivellers would like us to believe that if we would just embrace their message and their equivalent dimmath we could all happy hop onto the Smello Ick road and joyously journey to the New Garden of Eden and revel in its Cornucopia of political, social and economic bliss. Unfortunately to get stated aright we would have to look the other way in so many ways and unconditionally surrender to their perspective and whirled view. Truth be told though there’s a problem with that; the annoying 500 lb monkey in the room which just spoils everything KBRA etc. You see her name is Reality; AKA the Quincy Library Group. Take a look at the big monk for yourself by tracking down an article which goes by the title, “Without trees, small-log mill's saws go quiet”. The article Quincy Sawmill to close SOS Forests”. and most others telling truth have been zapped and replaced by drively ones. It’s terrifyingly true that several hours south of here there was once a gleaming “City on the Hill” Camelotian point in time when everything was visiony consensusly counciled, stakeheld, potlucked, circled up, agreed, signed, federally congressionally blessed and sealed and it all just looked so whimsy future good. Then the Green Left just couldn’t help themselves and before the ink was dry they again abused the system which brought them to so much destructive and constitutionally unbalanced judicial power. Yes, they said they wouldn’t but they sued over and over and over again! Those assaults were aided by impossible to meet regulations – of course. The only thing keeping them from such was their word – need we say more? The rest is that same old familiar green leftist litigation story with its sad broken promises and resultant social and economic devastation. The dark side will tell you that the mill retooled for small dimension logs closed down forever simply because of the economic slow down. They are the trustworthy good guys you know. Truly the Quincy Library Group is a really big monkey to have to carry on one’s back. It’s so big in fact that it has become the true new green status quo. So, enjoy the ride and let the stink monkey speak and of course let the News Left Spin again. It’s not all bad, if it spins fast enough it could replace some of the hydro and economic power which is and has been sacrificed to restoration projects the nation over. The internal infernal green war against America by americans (some are RINO’s of course) will continue on as long as we are still referred to as the USA. Finnious #
  2. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Mar. 12, 2013 @ 6:08 pm

    And here's one for the criminally adjudicated dry road ahead: net look-up "What's wrong with the Eastside Forest Compromise". What has happened to that cooperative individualism consensus restoration agreement is nothing more than the sad old plain real-ity. I don't always like real-ities but they cannot to be ignored if we are all to survive. So sad but so true. And as Herkelisblittal once should have said; the best plan to have when no plans seem to work is to plan to stand. With infiltration into our community there has come great division. Now instead of great minds working together they've got us working each other over. Stand! #
  3. Nawta Republican ~ Mar. 13, 2013 @ 8:59 am

    I'm not sure that throwing out the prospect of alien contact is altogether reasonable. Otherwise, Finnious should take notice that the GOP is DOA. The coroner called, and the cause of death was an accidental overdose on tea (thanks to big tobacco and the koch heads for that surgical strike on regression). #
  4. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Mar. 13, 2013 @ 6:39 pm

    For sure evil is on the rise and at times it seems as if modern greenunism will win the day. It does appear that the propaganda machine does like to make things appear the way they want them to appear, apparently, and they appear to have had their way with all of that. Yes they hate the GOP, the Red White and Blue, the military, capitalism, European males, monogamous heterosexuality, SUV’s, individualism, modern farming, fiscal responsibility, legal citizenship, secure boarders, UN stakeholder/consensus free zones, protecting the most vulnerably innocent, red meat, Wallymart, fossil fuels, moral integrity, property rights, leaving the toilet seat up (some like em dry and clean) and the One True God. For now the New Marxism progressive prognosticators of GOP irrelevance seem to own the day. For now. Yet it won’t be long before the bill for all of that old happy hippie anti-American destructive indulgence comes due big time. It will be pretty obvious then who done it to us. It will also be pretty darned obvious who will be hittin the political relevance exit door. I just hope they haven’t placed us on a so pie high in the sky path to oblivion that we cannot recover. In the pretty meantime the Great Opposition Party has much badbad stuff to oppose. Best regards, regardless, Finnious #
  5. Carol W. ~ Mar. 15, 2013 @ 7:37 pm

    The H&N has made it abundantly clear: if Commissioner Linthicum was giving a brilliant exposition on the many beautiful shades of blue created by GOD, the H&N would argue it's all brown, nothing but ugly brown, and no one has a right to see it differently ... #

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