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May 9, 2013 — by: P. Henry
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Note: This article has been updated. Thanks to a reader (Ed) who pointed our chart original chart was incorrect. 

The wise book states that you can tell where a person’s heart is by seeing where their treasure is also. Below is a chart to help you understand who exactly is supporting the Citizens for Klamath Schools PAC.


So much for the Citizens for Klamath Schools PAC’s claim that this a “local” issue, as their top two contributors are from outside the county. One also has to wonder how many of the personal contributors are connected to the "fruits" of the bond measure passing. In other words, how many of those contributing will directly benefit in some fashion (financially or see work place improvements). Everyone pays on a twenty year bond so a few can benefit. That doesn't seem fair now does it?

Another interesting note is League of Women Voters and the Democrat Party fully endorse this bond measure. If you are a fiscal conservative, or a conservative in any fashion, these two liberal tax and spend groups supporting something must give you pause if you were planning on doing likewise.

Finally, why now? Why the bond measure now? Henly Elementary was taken down in 2006. Why wait until 2013 for a bond measure and 2016 until the school is rebuilt? An entire "generation" of elementary students have "suffered" in the "shacks" provided by the Klamath School District. That doesn't seem very compassionate does it? The main reason is because there are no competing ballot measures that increase taxes this election cycle. Remember your tax bill is the total of ALL special taxing districts, not just one. But the Schools PAC has been smart to wait until they would be the only thing you would think about. We suggest you think bigger, think smarter. This will be just the first of many more tax proposals in the next couple of years (public safety, park's district, airport district, and perhaps even another school bond measure if this one goes so well). We pay the total tax bill, not just one this time and one next time, yet that is how these measures are presented to us.

Vote No on 18-91

Read Dennis Linthicum's Guest Cmmentary  opposing the Klamath County School Bond Measure.

Tell Klamath Schools they have enough money. They should first fix their own internal funding problems before asking for more from us.


  1. Finnious T. Fogbottom ~ May. 10, 2013 @ 3:15 pm

    After listing to as much as I could of Klamath Talks this morning (before I gagged) I was so glad to see this set-the-record-straight video. . Truly there is a growing number of people in society today who are simply unable to grasp fiscal realities. Some are merely parasites who live off from the blood of the capitalistic host while hating its very existence. In general terms these are often those who want a guarantee of good jobs with great salaries and pensions. They want parks and warm fuzzy programs, oodles of safe and secure organic food and peace and plenty from a world that won’t tolerate the irrigation of crops, the cutting down of tree, for profit corporations, the building or maintaining of a dam, the mining of minerals, the drilling or refining of fossil fuels, the commercial husbandry of cattle etc. In others words they won't tolerate true wealth creation and a sustainable tax base. As a consequence they all too easily throw in with the socially and economically suicidal crowd who work tirelessly to utterly destroy that host and all that it SUSTAINS, which includes themselves! That being said, don’t let them distract your noble mission, your peace, health or sleep. Why? Because their malady just might be of a spiritual nature and they are thus and then completely blinded by something which is beyond unclean. The greatest power over this situation begins with the realization of their inability to grasp reality. With that it is much easier to understand Christ’s words on the cross, “Father forgives them for they know not what they do”. With that it is easier to beg their forgiveness from God. If they understood just what they were actually pushing for they would certainly curtail their messy misgivin efforts in an instant! He is a merciful God and I need always to be reminded to be as quick to forgive others as I am myself. No, that’s not easy when you see the potentially evil affected arrogant so deeply empowered with the tools necessary to destroy us all. So then it is good to recall Jehoshaphat who listened to God and went out against impossible odds and just did what God said; he sent singers out before the army celebrating the beauty of holiness. It is truly helpful and good to mentally compare the beauty and purity of His holiness with as this satanified whacked out world. They also proclaimed His Mercy which endures for ever. And it does if we allow it to. So he let the battle simply become the Lord’s battle. The opposing forces were so confounded that they turned upon each other. In N.T. days we of course don’t hope or wish harm to our enemies. Yet in times of peace and trouble when we are bold enough not to merely believe in the existence of God but to actually believe Him great is the power which we then allow into our situation(s). “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Finnious #
  2. Ed ~ May. 10, 2013 @ 9:57 pm

    I think the main post is factually in error. The govt website is confusing, a lot of people make this mistake. I think Herald and News and others are outgoing monies i.e. the money paid by the PAC for advertising rather than contributions #
  3. B. Franklin ~ May. 11, 2013 @ 10:51 am

    Hi Ed, thank you for pointing this out. We have updated the chart to accurately reflect contributions. Our goal is to back policy based on the truth, not on assumptions or false data. When we error, we correct. Again thank you for your feedback. #

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