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Jun 6, 2013 — by: J. Madison
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Klamath_river_orleansbrIf you have read this blog for any time, you have quickly come to realize that none of us here are fans of the KBRA. We have philosophical differences that quickly lead to practical differences in how to solve the problem. And what is the problem? There (apparently) is not enough water in the Basin to support fish, farmers and native American traditions.

Since there is not enough water, a political solution was dreamed up by the KBRA geniuses. Here are some highlights:

  • 92,000 acres are given to the Klamath Tribes (also known as the Mazama Tree Farm) funded by taxpayer money.
  • Hydroelectric Dams are removed along the Klamath River (paid for in great part by the tax payer).
  • Subsidies are issued to Klamath farmers in low water years when they won't be given water (think Welfare for Farmers)

Again this is a political solution. It doesn't recognize that when dams are removed along the Klamath river it will take more water to maintain river levels minimums required by biological opinions — in other words, less water in the lake and less water available for Klamath farmers. That seems backwards, doesn't it? But that is what political solutions do: they remove reality from the equation and use taxpayer money to pacify people who might otherwise object.

The Right Way

The right way to solve this problem is the conservative way — the supply side economics way — and increase supply. There is a way to deepen the lake or find off lake storage for water when we have above average water years. Currently that extra water is flushed down the river. Using intelligence guided by experience, we say that is foolishness and a complete waste. Only the fool spends everything now and saves nothing for later. And that is exactly what the KBRA does — using all the water, every year, all the time. Why? Because then there is a need for them. They become more important because they hold the keys. All of a sudden it is most important who you know and whose skids are greased.

For low water years the KBRA digs into the tax payer piggy bank (which is empty by the way, so really it accrues more taxpayer debt) to pay off farmers because there is no water available. Eventually farmers will get the message: you are not wanted around here anymore.

The KBRA's hierarchy importance is

  1. Fish
  2. Native Americans
  3. Fishermen
  4. Farmers

We believe that order to be completely backwards. However, it makes total sense to the Leftists in charge of this political solution. From the past two elections it is clear that the people of Klamath and Siskiyou counties do not want the KBRA. Every county commissioner and state represented elected during that time has been a strong opponent of the KBRA. But what do peoples’ opinions matter? The Leftists are the experts and know what is best for all of us.

I can't wait for this thing to be implemented. What a complete mess it will make in the name of fairness and ecological serenity. God help us from ourselves.

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  1. Chris Hankins ~ Jun. 8, 2013 @ 6:17 pm

    The extent to which proponents of KBRA have gone to find "facts" to support their claims is outrageous. We must support native American traditions which were invented recently in order to save a fish they only ate when there was nothing else to eat (and which survives best in muddy, shallow water), "bring back" salmon which are not native to Klamath County at all,believe the harvests of down-river fishermen are more important to the welfare of our area than the farmers and ranchers who have invested so much (including building and paying for a good portion of the water systems KBRA wants destroyed)and ignore the ecological damage removing those 4 dams will cause. Strange how those most committed to the "science" of evolution are least willing to let it happen! #

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