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Jun 7, 2013 — by: Finnious T. Fogbottom
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Animal-farm Like so many battles ongoing in our society the Klamath water struggle is simply (beneath the spiritual level anyway) an issue of Left vs. Right, Competing Marxisms vs. Capitalism, oppression vs. freedom.

The mind set of those who cut our irrigation water off and continue to fiendishly dominate it hasn’t changed.  The mind set of some of those affected by the 2001 water cut off has changed however.  To them the bad guys are now the ones who were the victims then and continue to resist those same scandalous forces now.  Some say that a change of that nature may indicate that they have actually taken on the perspective of the aggressor.  That new worldview may have been adopted for any number of reasons, many of which could well have been good and noble in the beginning.

The veiled essence of that regressive Progressive perspective is captured in a You Tube video titled; “Occupy Cascadia Documentary”.   After viewing such you may start to understand why it was that a May 30, 2013 rally was held some six + hours away from Klamath Falls in Portland, Oregon. The event was organized to thank Senator Ron Wyden for his support of the KBRA/KHSA. As some may know, Portland is the political heart and soul of Cascadia.  And no, K Falls isn’t a yarnhead controlled commune locale yet, so an assembly as such would not come off quite so well appreciated here - local newspaper coverage aside.

Now when one researches and thus recognizes the parallels between Cascadianism and Environmental Islam an even deeper concern should arise. Have fun with that one. Islam is of course an oppressive political movement not to be confused with the Muslim religion in and of itself.

And yes, it is way more than ironic when you consider how yarns in the Klamath have managed to supplant honest and credible science.  It is even more ironic the way those who claim to seek peace and good and unity and all of that togetherness cooperative collaborative stuff have gone to war against and plot to overthrow the greatest nation that the world has ever seen, not to mention its citizenry. It is also a bit horrifying to contemplate just what they might propose to do with the biggest obstacle facing a utopian human population living in harmonious balance with nature:  For too many of them the problem seems to be manifested in the existence of too many people generally, and way too many normal, responsible and productive capitalistic people specifically.

So, to move things to the next level you may also want to discern the nature of something called The Just Third Way?  You need to see it for what it is before it owns way more than your future.  Heck, it just could be in green motion right now in our own beset home region. Like the Occupy Movement, the Maoist Revolution, the snakey takeovers of Russia and Germany etc. Occupy Cascadia could well be just another monstrous naive pragmatic forefront of another manifesto dressed up to look like anything but what it is; the road to apocalypse.  Societal green washing has plowed the soil of human thought to the point though that they have a bit more than a mere toe hold on mass calamity.  So keep as many as you can off from that road as much as possible.

Here’s to Red State baseball caps!

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