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Sep 13, 2013 — by: J. Madison
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Walden-epaIt’s sad when the country is going south and everyone can see it going south. What's worse is when the people you elect to congress continue to play “politics as usual” with the voters. Last month, Congressman Greg Walden had a four weeks to spend in our district to meet with the people. Most people call these types of a meeting a “Town Hall” — where the Congressman gets to say a few words about his activity and then field un-scripted questions from voters. It’s about the only chance most voters get to interact with the elected representative.

While Mr. Walden did spend six days touring eight cities central and southern Oregon, he did not hold any Town Halls. Instead his schedule was filled with only meeting particular groups who were going to get something from the Congressman or predictably going to give him positive headlines from the local media. After looking through this list, ask yourself if YOU were invited to any of these meetings?

August 6 Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club
Speaking about the Affordable Care Act
August 7 Crook County Small Business Leaders Roundtable.
Topics: Central Oregon Jobs and Water Security Act
August 8 Grant County Small Business Roundtable
Topics: Regulation and REINS Act
John Day
August 8 Community Meeting with FEMA representatives
Flood Insurance and FEMA/Government officals
August 8 Meeting with Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
Topics: Jobs & Forests
August 9 Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Roundtable Grants Pass
August 9 Health Care Roundtable with Southern Oregon Doctors Medford
August 10 Meeting with South Central Oregon Economic Development District (SCOEDD) Klamath Falls

Lack of Leadership

My Dad used to say that you can often learn more about a man by observing what he doesn't say rather than what he does say. Our country is in peril and Mr. Walden spent his time in the district not only meeting with people who were welcoming to his visit but also only on topics where he looks good. 

Here's the problem: Mr. Walden is he is silent and/or unspecific on the following issues:

  • Benghazi
  • De-funding The Affordable Care Act through the Continuing Resolution Process
  • Immigration
  • War with Syria

Granted on September 1st, Mr. Walden posted a statement about the Syria. It reads

“The President needs to make his case to Congress and to the American people regarding his plan, and what we can anticipate happening after whatever proposed military action is taken.  The Assad regime and its allies will surely have a response.  It's not clear what we may be getting America into.” - source

This is typical Greg Walden, saying something without committing to anything. Then on September 9th, one day before the President’s address to the nation, Walden took a stand against the use of force in Syria. That's not what we call leadership — that's what we call playing politics. Concerning other important issues, is Mr. Walden...

  • ... for a pathway to citizenship on immigration reform? It is unknown.
  • ... going to vote for the continuing resolution without a clause to de-fund Obamacare?  It is unknown.
  • ... ever going to get upset and speak out about what happened in Benghazi? It is unknown.

The Career Politician

These are but the most recent items that continue to show how slippery Greg Walden is as a career politician. He comes across as meek and friendly but he's just being a politician, getting you to like him. He'll say something things that makes you think he's working hard and that he's working for you, but really it's fluff. His 14 years of service have done little for this district. The EPA is far stronger. The Forest Service more restrictive. The Federal mandates on schools more intrusive. Pick your Federal Agency and it is far worse than when he began “serving us” in 1998. He has not done anything effective to save us from the infringement of government on our liberty. Instead his solution is he wants to better manage the current system. The problem is the system is broke and this system of massive bureaucracy is breaking our country. The bureaucracy must be undone, not just managed better, or we are finished as a great nation.

We must replace this guy with a real conservative who isn't afraid to speak his mind so we aren't left to guessing where he stands on important issues. Otherwise we'll watch this guy continue to work his way up the GOP ladder while we are sold down the river.

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  1. Paul Clark ~ Dec. 6, 2013 @ 1:05 pm

    My response is the following letter to Greg Walden. Dear Mr. Walden, You have had a very good run since 1999, and for the most part have been a good representative for Southern Oregon, but in the past few years you have acquired a common trait that seems to plague career politicians, even the good ones. Some people call it apathy, but I disagree, I believe after so much time politicians actually believe they know what is best for their constituents, whether they agree or not! I call it arrogance, and I think you will agree unless you are truly blind. Does the following statement have any meaning to you, or did you just stick your finger in the wind and take a chance your conservative constituents wouldn't notice. ---The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.--- You voted against this, and will most likely try to convince me it was for my own good; as I said before, arrogance! Before I start writing letters to the editor prior to your re-election campaign in Southern Oregon, I would like to hear something other than political speak from you regarding this matter. If you choose not to answer me, I will take that as a yes your constituents aren't informed enough to question your decision, or something along those lines of total disregard of our freedom guaranteed by the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. #

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