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Sep 17, 2013 — by: A. Smith
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SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
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KLAMATH FALLS, ORE. - Today, Constitution Day, at the Klamath County Commissioner’s Weekly Public Meeting, Dennis Linthicum announced his intention to explore pursuing the U.S. Representative position in Oregon’s Second District.

“After talking to the people of Klamath County and surrounding areas, I’m convinced that those in the 2nd District of Oregon are looking for leadership and strong, Constitutionally conservative values,” Commissioner Dennis Linthicum said before the meeting. “Our economy is struggling and, at the county level, I see every day how individuals, families and businesses are impacted by bad policies and tone-deaf regulation. My goal with this exploratory effort is not to turn away from Klamath County’s issues, but to be able to represent them, and other counties in the 2nd District, in a more substantial way at the Federal level.”

Commissioner Linthicum has been a popular County Commissioner, and currently serves as Chairman. He enjoys helping to solve problems at the County level, but says he recognizes that more changes are needed.

“I ran for County Commissioner because I was asked to do so by my local community,” Linthicum said. “As I consider running for Congress, my situation is very similar; I’m not a career politician, nor am I trying to climb a political ladder. I’m exploring this step because I’ve been asked to do so by concerned citizens of the 2nd District. Moms, dads, students and business people I talk to every day are looking for much-needed reforms, and are all too often drowned out or ignored in favor of special interests and entrenched bureaucracy. Misinformed or over-reaching Federal laws, rules and regulations are a real problem, and often tie the hands of local officials who try to help their communities. Ignoring the Federal issues that concern my neighbors, friends and family members is not an option for me. I think I can bring a fresh Constitutional perspective, that the voters of Oregon’s 2nd District will whole-heartedly support.”

Questions and answers about this exploratory process:

Q: When will Commissioner Linthicum formally declare his candidacy?

A: Commissioner Linthicum has not made a decision on if he will officially declare his candidacy. He is using this exploratory period to see and hear from people who would support his candidacy for the Oregon District 2 Congressional seat.  The exploratory committee allows limited resources to be utilized for exploring details about a successful campaign strategy.

Q: How can supporters help Commissioner Linthicum run for Congress?

A: Everyone is welcome to join the discussion and give their support at his official Facebook page: Per Federal election rules, Dennis is not campaigning, rather, he is exploring the possibility of a campaign. He is seeking input from the community and knowledgeable individuals who could help with a campaign if a positive decision is reached. This important decision is for the people of Southern, Central and Eastern Oregon and Commissioner Linthicum has expressed his desire to bring all the best options to the table.



Note to the media: Commissioner Linthicum is available for comment and interviews following this announcement.


  1. Paul Clark ~ Sep. 17, 2013 @ 2:10 pm

    Greg Walden has been OK, but I agree it is time for new blood. Career politicians seem to get lost to apathy after a few years. Good luck to you Mr. Linthicum if you choose to represent the second district. #
  2. Oscar F. ~ Sep. 20, 2013 @ 12:03 am

    Excellent. Walden had his turn. Time for some new blood representing us. Walden's vote against reining in the NSA was the final straw. He needs to be replaced! #
  3. Wendy M ~ Oct. 5, 2013 @ 3:06 am

    Walden has been a good representative for the 2nd District, knows his job and does it well. You want to take someone who's only experience is as a county commissioner and send them to Washington DC to represent us? We should only change representatives if the change is an actual improvement. #
  4. A.Smith ~ Oct. 9, 2013 @ 2:20 pm

    Hi Wendy, thanks for writing. I think it is an interesting notion that someone who has "only" been a County Commisioner would not be enough to qualify as a representative. Lucky for us Dennis has far more experience. He has decades of experience in the private sector as an entrepreneur, manager and executive. These jobs bring him far more experience than any time in government. Dennis knows how the real world works, how real wealth is created and how that wealth is destroyed. Moreover, he has seen first hand how Walden has let us down time and time again with more and more federal bureaucracy and a greater and greater debt. #
  5. Lisa Johnson ~ Oct. 19, 2013 @ 7:40 am

    Sorry Wendy, our system was not designed for career politicians and the trouble we have in Washington, D.C. today is because of this career mentality. They stop representing us who actually vote and they bring their own agenda's to the table. I think Mr. Linthicum's exploratory campaign for Walden's seat definitely forced him to vote for us instead of go along with "the party" in this budget battle. When are we going to get tired of the "kick the can" mentality and get serious about this countries budget. It's time for Mr. Walden and the rest of the entrenched bureaucrats in Washington to move on and let's get some new blood in there. Some new blood that will actually start talking and getting us back to states rights and the Constitution. I hate the thought of losing Mr. Linthicum as our county commissioner but for the good of our state and this country I'll support him. #

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