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Sep 25, 2013 — by: J. Madison
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Greg_walden-kbra-lack-of-leadershipAccording to, Congressman Greg Walden issued the following statement on Monday about the KBRA:

"A better strategy [for the KBRA/KHSA] would be finding smaller pieces of the agreement that have broad support, and working on those first. That would bring us one step closer to the day the federal government provides long-term certainty and stability for the stakeholders in the basin."

Finally, we now know where Mr. Walden stands. The KBRA/KHSA has been the defining issue in Klamath politics for at least the last four years. It is how three County Commissioners were replaced (who were pro KBRA) by unknown challengers (all opposing the KBRA). It is the issue that has elected two State Representatives and a State Senator in the Klamath Basin.. 

And now, only when a real conservative challenger poses a threat to the congressman’s 16 year run in office, Walden now “bravely” steps out and says this — which by the way is really nothing. Mr. Walden acts as if he's been an innocent by-stander during this process, and in reality that is a true statement. He specifically decided not to get involved. He's been sitting on the political fence for several years when his influence and clarity could've put an early end to the entire KBRA mess. Only now, when it is politically beneficial for him, does Walden take such a “brave” stance. This is a total lack of leadership.

We must remember that Mr. Walden is a skillful politician. Matter of fact, he's a career politician with 6 years in the State House, 2 years in the State Senate and soon 16 years in the U.S. Congress. This is exactly why I am so glad to see a Dennis Linthicum — who is none of those things but someone who truly loves liberty and the constitution — stand up for values that have been discarded along the way. I encourage Mr. Linthicum to run, and run unafraid. I encourage Dennis to put to end to Walden's charade of being a conservative. 

A conservative does not:

  • Compromise with Obama on the Fiscal Cliff
  • Vote for and brag about “No Budget, No Pay”, but then collect paychecks even though no final budget was ever approved
  • Vote for the NSA to continue snooping on Americans without a search warrant
  • Give away 50% of the O&C trust lands to environmentalist groups in exchange for a promise of less litigation (as if the environmentalists will stop there).

But Mr. Walden has done all of these things and more. Mr. Walden sounds nice and he is very polite. He even sends out birthday cards to constituents. While those are all well and good, that is not going to save our nation from the certain fiscal and social collapse we face. We need a real conservative, a constitutional conservative, who will not cave on our core values, on our founders’ core values, to get a "deal" that make's the politician look like something is being accomplished when only more rules and regulations have been created. Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic will do nothing for us. The boat must turn around before it hits the ice burg.

It's time Oregon’s second district sends Washington a real leader, someone who values liberty, justice and the American way. Someone who is not a politician, but someone who will make sure America's brightest days are still ahead of her. Run Dennis. The true conservative majority in this district implore you to run and to win!

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  1. Russ Smith ~ Sep. 26, 2013 @ 10:32 pm

    Smoke and mirrors is all we got in the quote from Greg Walden. I don't think we can say that he is against dam removal, he just criticized the process. He got out of the way of the fire fight without declaring which side he was on and can't be depended upon for support just more smiles and maybe a birthday card. #

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