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Dec 18, 2014 — by: A. Smith
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Baby, abortion, right to lifeI am a pro-life, conservative Christian. I believe life is one of the three unalienable rights — Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness — guaranteed by the Constitution, and the three items that the Federal Government is mandated to protect for its citizens. Extinguishing innocent human life prematurely is not morally permissible no matter the size, the age, the location or the level of development of any person. This is something that I believe Oregon Right to Life and I can agree on. Matter of fact Oregon Right To Life’s policy page states,

“Oregon Right to Life believes in the sanctity of all human life from the moment of conception to natural death. We are opposed to abortion under any circumstances except where the life of the mother is in imminent danger.”

Bravo. So how does this organization fail in a disastrous way towards fulfilling this mission? By endorsing federal candidates who only politically align themselves with Oregon Right to Life in order to gain an endorsement and/or to eliminate potential challengers.

This past May Commissioner Dennis Linthicum ran against incumbent Representative Greg Walden for the Republican nomination for the U.S House seat, 2nd District. Dennis has attended several Right To Life rallies, has met and knows the Oregon Right To Life staff in Salem and is a strong advocate of the Pro-Life position. On the other hand Greg Walden only pretends to be for life. Because Oregon’s 2nd District leans conservative, Walden must act like he advocates for Life, only to prevent Right to Life advocates from leaving his camp.

So that you do not think I am just making wild accusations about Walden, I'll leave you with two examples:

  1. In 2007, Greg Walden received the highest possible score of 100% from NARAL Pro Choice America, along with Democrats like Earl Blumenauer and Peter DeFazio (NARAL stands for the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws). How does a ture Pro-Life advocate get a score of 1%, let alone a perfect 100%, from this Pro-Abortion group? Walden was given a perfect score by NARAL because he voted to lift the ban on abortions for military personnel on overseas bases and voted to federal fund embryotic stem-cell research. Moreover, every year he approves a Federal Budget (going on 17 years now) Walden has yet to stand up and offer an amendment, let alone any public objection, that would remove Federal funding for Planned Parenthood.
  2. Just a few weeks ago, in the lame-duck session of the 2014 Congress, Walden was the deciding vote (214 Yea, 212 Na) in the U.S. House which passed a $1.1 trillion budget. This new budget continues to use Federal dollars to fund abortions through Planned Parenthood but now also expands federally funded abortions through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Yet, in May 2014, Oregon Right To Life said nothing about Walden’s complicit — and sometimes active — behavior to enabling tax-payer funded abortions. I wonder what ORTL’s comment is about Walden’s most recent vote? Don’t hold your breath for an answer. ORTL hopes no one links their behavior with Walden’s behavior, as ORTL have been silent thus far. When given the change to endorse the only Pro-Life candidate in the 2014 May Primary, Dennis Linthicum, ORTL stayed neutral, endorsing neither candidate. Absolutely pathetic.

This silence was completely a political move by Oregon Right To Life because Walden was the favorite (as most incumbents are). If ORTL had endorsed Linthicum and if Linthicum had lost (hard to know whether that would have been true or not), the possible repercussions from Walden’s office could have been harsh. Knowing these risks ORTL played it safe and remained quiet. One has to wonder whether ORTL is more interested in staying in favor with the incumbent politicians, who are at best wishy-washy to their cause, or whether they want to fulfill their mission statement and help elect real men and women who stand unashamed of the Pro-Life position.

Oregon Right To Life claims to be a big mover and shaker when it comes to elections, but if that is true, they need to change their mission statement. Right now it appears picking the right candidates to win elections is more important than supporting the Pro-Life candidates whether they win or lose.

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