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Feb 13, 2014 — by: J. Madison
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SeriousWhen we started this website back in 2011, my anonymous colleagues and I stated our goal was to inform people about what really is going on in Klamath County, in Oregon and Washington D.C. We sought out to find stories that are important and then propose the way a conservative should approach that issue. To some that may make us "biased" because we're not “open minded” — the holy grail of an intellectual (according to some). Being open minded is over rated. Those people who are truly “open minded” have little care for the particular issue or little  knowledge about it. 

For example, I'm open minded on who wins this year's Stanley Cup in hockey. I don't care and I don't know which teams are good and which are awful. I'm open minded, persuade me. But when it comes to something I know, something I do care about and therefore I have spent much time pondering, I will not be open minded. I will listen and I will be fair but I certainly will not be easily persuaded. You will have your work cut out for you because I have come to my conclusions based on good thought and reason, not just by group-think, convenience or popularity. 

So what does this have to do with our current congressman Mr. Walden? Quite a bit actually. Mr. Walden has been very “political” lately. Today in Medford he stood up in front of a pliable media and proclaimed he was directing the federal government investigate Cover Oregon. Hundreds of millions of federal tax payer dollars have gone into this Obamacare program and still no one has signed up on Oregon’s exchange using the website. I would applaud Mr. Walden for going after the apparent waste and fraud, but unfortunately I know he is really being two-faced.

While Mr. Walden appears to care about the mismanagement of money, we must remember less than two months ago he voted to fully fund Obamacare for another year. He made this decision after we all saw the main Obamacare website’s massive failure to launch in October 2013. Before that the Congressman was busy saying he wanted to repeal Obamacare. So which is it? Does he stand for repeal, for defunding or just better management of the Affordable Care Act? He is all over the place. Some might say he is like a ship without a rudder. I disagree. This display of inconsistency is just another day in the life of a career politician, saying whatever he must to get re-elected.

The real answer may lie in that Mr. Walden has a serious primary challenge from Commissioner Dennis Linthicum. Walden is therefore campaigning that he is against Obamacare, and even accepting money on behalf of that cause, because it plays well to Republican voters. However when it comes to his votes in congress, Mr. Walden has funded Obamacare not once, but now several times — that includes Cover Oregon.

Mr. Walden pretends to be the only one in Oregon who cares about this problem, but if he really did, he would move heaven and earth to stop Obamacare, including defunding it. Don't hold your breath. He and his GOP colleagues in DC have given up on repeal or defunding the Affordable Care Act. They will talk about this as a campaign issue and for raising money, but in realty Walden’s votes tell us that he really isn’t serious. Instead, the new default GOP position has shifted to providing better management solutions for Obamacare. And today’s media event showed you the beginning of how that will look. Lot’s of press conferences, lots of talk, but little in the form of real change that will remove this awful law from our lives.

As long as people like Walden are in office, we are doomed to live with Obamacare the rest of our lives. And that is serious.


  1. Brian Smith ~ Feb. 14, 2014 @ 7:09 am

    I moved away from Southern Oregon, but still own businesses and have property there, so this issue hits home for me and my family. I'm curious if being open minded in your mind is the same as being objective? Or, better asked, realistic? I have to agree that Mr. Walden is extremely political, it seems that most politicians are that way. Even your two pet politicians the Whitsitt's have displayed gross examples of this when introducing bills and then refusing to back them after the fact; being two faced or both sides of the fence. Southern Oregon may indeed need a new Congressman and Mr. Linthicum may be the guy. But, what has Mr. Linthicum done for Klamath county? Is Klamath County better off now because of his tenure as Commissioner? And, if you think Mr. Linthicum is not Political, you really have not done any Political business with him; as I have. Politicians need to be political and must find a way to understand the practicality of their ideals and how to make that work in today's political world. Just standing by some ideals and saying you are on the right side is not enough. The public in general is afraid of what conservatives say is needed, because they are comfortable with the status quo or what used to be. The changes needed will be painful and getting people to vote for pain is going to require some very fine politicking. By the way, Dennis would be a good congressman. His differences are not that he is not Political, they are that he is willing and able to lead us through the difficult changes that need to happen for the Country to be healthy. #
  2. J. Madison ~ Feb. 14, 2014 @ 10:12 am

    Hi Brian - I'm using "open minded" in the modern sense -- someone who is willing to change their mind due to rhetoric (it makes them feel good/better) or pressure. When I say that Dennis is not a politician I don't mean he isn't involved in politics. What I mean is that he doesn't change his mind depending on which way the wind is blowing that day. With Congressman Walden we are never sure how he will vote. That is an awful place to be for us who care about this country. The issues that face our country are very easy (spend less, limit government, allow liberty to blossom,...) but will take a tremendous amount of courage as there are multitudes who are invested in the current system that is sucking our country down the drain. Dennis is such a man who is unafraid to stand up to the powers that be. Just the fact he's taking on the NRCC should bear testament to that fact. -J. Madison #

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