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Feb 13, 2014 — by: P. Henry
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Walden-strikeoutOne of the more famous rules in baseball is “three strikes and your out!” If only that were true for politicians. This year is just six weeks old and already Congressman Greg Walden has whiffed twice on important legislation. He says he’s proud of his record, but I wonder who he has in mind when saying that — those of us that foot the bill for his spending spree or the lobbyists who reap the rewards of said legislation.

Congress has voted on three very important pieces of legislation in 2014. Unfortunately Representative Walden isn't representing us very well. Ask yourself, how would you have voted on these three bills?

  • $1.1 Trillion Dollar Omnibus Bill — fully funded Obamacare for another year
  • $950 Billion Farm Bill — 80% will go towards Food Stamps; the rest to Big Agriculture
  • Increase Debt Ceiling Limit — with no required reduction in spending

Most conservatives and fiscally responsible Republicans would have voted “No” on all three bills. However our nice-guy, Congressman Greg Walden, voted to approve the first two spending bills. Walden voted no on the Debt Ceiling increase (but it passed anyways). In baseball that's what we call “down in the count.” Unfortunately in politics that's what's called “business as usual.” The funny thing is if you look at Walden's last six votes on the Debt Ceiling increases, he has voted three times for and three times against. When it comes to being a consistent player at the plate, Mr. Walden can be depended on only 50% of the time. When it comes to the budget and borrowing, our country needs someone who can be depended on 100% of the time.

Moreover, It is quite interesting that Walden voted to increase spending and then voted not to increase the debt limit. That seems rather odd. It would be like increasing your household spending without finding additional revenue to support your new spending habits. What's really going on here?

The answer is politics. Right now Walden faces a primary challenge from the right: Dennis Linthicum. Lithincum is finds his conservative principles in the constitution not from how the political winds may be blowing on a particular day. Walden also knows that voters in southern, central and eastern Oregon are more likely to vote for Linthicum if they knew this fact. Therefore as voters start paying closer attention in the primaries, Walden must look as fiscally conservative as possible, hoping voters don't dig too deep into his so-so record.

It is a mystery how Congressman Walden can run around our district saying he's working hard for us, how he's working to rein in spending, how he needs our support to defeat Obamacare and then he votes like this. How can a man of good conscious say one thing, do the complete opposite and sleep at night? Maybe he's representing someone else? Maybe he's been in Washington too long? Maybe it's time we stand up and elect someone with our values, not Washington Lobbyists’?

Don’t Sit On The Bench, Get In The Game

Edmund Burke said, “Evil prevails when good men (and women) do nothing.” Let's not be known for doing nothing. Let's do something. Here's how:

  • Visit Dennis Linthicum’s website and help today, so we can put a man with principle, not politics, in congress to represent us. 
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