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Feb 21, 2014 — by: A. Smith
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We've all seen them. We all know one. Hypocrites seem to surround us. But fortunately we can usually order our lives to make their impact minimal. However, when one of them our sitting congressman, that is tough to do. Every vote he makes does impact our lives.

Why do I call Rep. Greg Walden a hypocrite? For a couple of good reasons.

1. Walden’s Claim That He Is A Fiscal Conservative Is False

Rather than use rhetoric and fancy slogans, I'll provide some evidence to prove my claims. First let me ask, if you think Mr. Walden is a fiscal conservative, where did you get that idea? Most likely it was from listening to Mr. Walden himself. Let me suggest, you can not conclude Greg Walden is a fiscal conservative from looking at his voting record. For if you were to do that you would find what I did:

Debt Ceiling: Walden’s voting history on whether to raise or to not raise the debt ceiling is a completely mystery. In 2014 he voted against it. In 2013 & 2011 he voted for it, but that is only after he voted against it in 2009 and 2007. While I applaud him for the times he has voted against increasing the federal government's ability to go further and further into debt, I am totally confused why he would then vote for raising it just as often. For a real fiscal conservative, this is a simple answer to a simple question: no more debt. However, Mr. Walden seemingly decides which way to vote based on how full the moon is or whether the vote is on a Tuesday or a Friday. In other words there is no real principle to be found behind Mr. Walden’s voting pattern — other than which ever way the political winds are blowing. We deserve far better.

Increase Spending: Mr. Walden recently voted for the Ryan/Murray Budget Deal at the end of 2013. What that budget did was to eliminate the spending caps (called the sequester) and increase spending now for a promise that in 10 years congress will decrease spending. If you believe congress has the will power to follow through on that 10-year promise, then I have some beach front property in Florida I'd like you to purchase from me. Moreover, this bill added all sorts of "fees" that technically aren't taxes, but do the same thing — take more money out of your wallet and transfer it to the Federal government.

Increase Taxes: Mr. Walden, along with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, voted for the Fiscal Cliff budget deal at the end of 2012. The net result were increased taxes.

Again, if you look at his record, you can not say these are the votes of a fiscal conservative. However what you can say is that these are certainly votes of a political operative.

2. Walden’s Claim That He Is Against Obamacare is False

A recent controversy in the sports world concerns the nickname for the football team in located in Washington D.C. — the Washington Redskins. Some find this nickname offensive, while others say it is not a derogatory term. Suppose I was someone clamoring that the name must be changed — that the Redskin nickname was nothing other than an insult towards Native Americans. Suppose you saw me on TV shows, read my editorials and heard my radio interviews — all in an effort to build support and put pressure on the organization to change the Redskins nickname. Now let’s say you see me one day wearing a Redskins jersey with my face painted red and gold. Then you find out I’m on my way to the stadium to watch the Washington Redskins play a football game. What’s more you find out I’m a season ticket holder. What would you say now? Am I really against the Redskin nickname, since I clearly am spending a lot of money supporting their organization and cause?

This is Greg Walden in a nutshell. We see him on the internet, in newspapers and in interviews claiming he is profoundly against Obamacare. But did you know he continues to vote to fully fund this program? He could vote NO, but he continues to vote YES. In essence his vote says, “Continue Obamacare as is, no changes, full steam ahead!” Mr. Walden, you can't claim to be fighting against Obamacare and the mess it has made in Oregon through Cover Oregon and then vote to continue funding the program. As the good book says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

3. Walden’s Claim That He is Pro-Life Is False

In 2007 NARAL gave Greg Walden a score of 100%. NARAL is a Pro-Choice group. How could a Pro-Choice group give a Pro-Life representative a perfect score? Well it is because during that same time Mr. Walden voted more than once for Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Also in that same time frame he voted lift the ban on privately funded abortions on overseas military bases. Those don’t quite line up with the Pro-Life point of view, and on this issue you can’t be right most of the time, you must be right ALL of the time — innocent lives are at stake. Mr. Walden can check the box that he is Pro-Life. His record says otherwise.

4. Walden’s Claim That He Is Against Amnesty Is False

We have all heard Mr. Walden say he is against amnesty for illegal immigrants. If this is really true, then why was he not endorsed by ALIPAC — one of America's top immigration enforcement and border security advocacy organizations? Why was Dennis LInthicum endorsed instead? Why did Mr. Walden say in January 30, 2014 that the GOP should wait until June to deal with immigration when “most of the primaries will have faded by then”

Greg Walden has a very distinct pattern. He talks like a conservative when he is in Oregon’s 2nd District. However when he is in that other other District — the District of Columbia — he votes a very different way. And that, my friends, is a classic example of a hypocrite: say one thing, do another. Now, what are you going to do about it?

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