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Apr 28, 2014 — by: A. Smith
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No on 18-95 Klamath county museumPolitical signs, like Spring tulips, are dotting the basin floor. One of those signs is “Yes - Klamath Museums”. Ballot Measure 18-95 will add a mere $0.05/$1,000 of assessed value to your property taxes. For that tax you get a Klamath County Museum, Fort Klamath and the Baldwin Hotel. In addition, you get free admission to the museum for school children and other children's programs.

Sounds like a bargain right? Actually, it is socialism in full bloom.

A few/minority of people who have a vested interest in keeping these enterprises open are asking for everyone else to pay for their wish. Let me ask, how many times in the last three years were you at any of these venues? If none, then you should ask for a refund.

My issue is not whether we have museums in the county — my concern is how these enterprises are paid for. Socialism is all about the minority (elite) deciding what is best for the rest of us. Under the guise of that their cause is for the greater good, they tax us, making us pay for things we may or may not ever use. If you think differently, then according to the elite, you are selfish, have a narrow view and are shouted down as a bigot or someone who doesn’t care — in this case for our heritage and the children.

Don’t think so? Okay, where are the signs opposing the ballot measure. They don’t exist. Why? It’s not because people are not opposed to spending public money on museums. Several thousand will vote No in May. The reason there are no signs in opposition is because the socialists are ready to shout down anyone who publicly stands against this idea. If you still don’t believe me, write a letter to the editor and watch the socialist flame throwers call you all sorts of names, whether they know you or not. The elitists have declared this is how your money is to be spent and anyone in opposition will be treated like trash.

Again my opposition to this ballot measure is not whether we should have museums in the county. I think museums are fantastic. My issue is that the government has no business running or operating such enterprises. Governments overpay employees, both in actual wages and benefits. Just check the wages & benefits of a county museum employee to an equivalent one at one of the private museums in town. You will be shocked to learn the difference.

If the people really want a museum, private companies and organizations can make this happen and the free market will determine the real value of that enterprise. Moreover, when we are forced to fund a public museum it crowds out private ones. What about the Favell and Children’s museums? They have to compete against a group that gets publicly funded — that doesn’t have to make a profit to stay in business. That's not fair is it? Of course it isn't, but the Socialists will counter with “Let's then fund them all!”  If you agree, watch your tax bill continue to go up and up and up.

Three years ago the county commissioners said the general fund did not have the money to publicly fund the County museum project. The Klamath County Museum elitists then put a special measure on the ballot for $0.03/$1,000. Why do they now need $0.05/$1,000? Because government enterprises never shrink in size and scope but always grow. In five years watch for this ballot measure to be for $0.07 or $0.08. Slowly but surely, they turn up the heat, like a frog being slowly boiled in water.

We wonder why no businesses are coming to Klamath. One good reason is all the new taxes that continue to be added onto the bill of doing business in this county. The fact is Klamath is a remote community off of the main I-5 corridor. Many praise our Hwy 97, but the fact is Klamath Falls would be the size of Medford if we had I-5 running through our county. Therefore if we want to attract new business we need to offer real incentives, and those incentives must be financial. Community and good education are fine qualities but not if the price tag is 1.5 or 2x as much to do business in Klamath due to the distance from the market and high taxes.

How about this? Let’s all vote No on 18-95. In two years if we feel that we are losing our heritage and our children are less educated, then put another measure on the ballot for publicly funded museums. During this time only the minority of Socialists will feel any pain and scream about the injustice of it all. The reality is the Favell and other private groups will adequately fill in the gap according to what the public is willing to pay for — not forced to pay for.

Fear not, our heritage will not be lost and our children will be no worse off without a publicly funded museum. They might even be better off, because now mom and dad will have a few extra dollars to take them to the Favell.

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