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Apr 29, 2014 — by: J. Madison
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If you’ve surfed the web anytime since January, you were bound to see a Greg Walden ad. The picture above shows two ads. The one of the left is from February, which has now been replaced with the ad on the right. Notice any difference?

The change is subtle, but that is exactly how career politicians work. They slowly shift from one position to another all the while claiming to have your best interest at heart. But do they? Does he? Let’s examine the change and then you can decide for yourself.

The ad on the left has a clear message is that Walden wants to fight Obamacare. If you've heard him talk, he'll mention he's voted for repealing the Affordable Care Act over 30 times. We know those votes never really counted because the Senate never took any of them up, and Walden knew that. Those repeal votes were purely for show and to have an issue for campaign fund raising. But for the moment, let's assume Walden was sincere and the ad on left declares his fight to repeal Obamacare. What then does the ad on the right say?

The most recent ad, shows a shift in position. Yes, Walden claims to be fighting Obamacare, but now in a different way. He's not fighting to repeal Obamacare. Instead Walden is fighting to make Obamacare better. He wants to put a band-aid on the Affordable Care Act owie rather than address the real problem and heal the wound. This makes sense as fellow GOP leader Cathy McMorris stated that it’s unlikely that the Affordable Care Act will be repealed. Therefore the best strategy for Republicans (who want to get along in Washington) is not to fight to repeal Obamacare, but to make it better by fixing the exchanges, stopping the theft from Medicare and so on.

Is that what you want? Do you want your congressman fighting to fix Obamacare or fighting to repeal it? If fixing Obamacare is okay, Walden's your man. If repeal is what you desire, then better check out Dennis Linthicum for Congress. Linthicum will not waiver from his stance about repealing Obamacare no matter what the GOP elites say. 

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