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Jul 7, 2014 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Economics, Government, Culture

Klamath_county_museumMuseums are known around the world as not just a place to learn about history, but as a place to sit down and think, to reflect on those who came before and a place to relax in peace and quiet. Museums are where ideas from previous generations are talked about and where a community gets in touch with itself. Matter of fact the hallmark of a thriving community is that good museums are in its midst.

Therefore because of all the benefits museums bring to a community we can be thankful that we have a special taxing district for our county museum system. At $0.05/$1,000 the county provides us several fantastic museums in Klamath County.

To make the county museum experience accessible to all, the county museums system usually charges slightly below the market rate for admission. Most school children get in for free, and discount tours are often available to groups. Again, the idea is for no one to be excluded from the cultural and educational benefits of museums — especially the poor and under privileged. 

Isn't it wonderful the community spirit that is generated from such an enterprise! Because of our beloved county museum system our community attracts thousands if not tens of thousands of new people to stop in Klamath County, while passing through the learn more about our heritage. The obvious benefit to tourism is a no brainer. Moreover the old ideas discussed by just being in and around the county museum culture is certainly bringing great bounty to our beloved county. The possibilities are nearly endless. We are certainly proud to be from Klamath County — historical capital of the world. Matter of fact wouldn’t it be wonderful if we expanded this enterprise? Just think what we could do for $0.10/$1,000 or even $0.20/$1,000?!?

Leave a comment below and help us spread the word. More history, more ideas and a better community are just around the corner.

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