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Jan 5, 2015 — by: P. Henry
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GavelTomorrow, the U.S. House of Representatives will face the most important vote they will encounter for the next two years. On Tuesday, January 6, 2015 the House will vote for their next Speaker. The reason this is the most important vote cast by each Representative is because of the enormous power the Speaker has on how the U.S. House of Representatives is governed. If you get on the Speaker’s naughty list, chances are you will not get a good committee assignment, your bills will never make it out of committee and do not expect any funding to come your way for re-election.

The Speaker’s position is also very important from a PR perspective. Not only does this office wield the gavel when it comes to legislation, this is the office that the DC Press look to when there is a divided government in order to find a contrary opinion to the President’s. It is therefore crucial to have someone in power who can clearly articulate the conservative point of view and why it is best for the country.

Finally the Speaker’s office is powerful because it was made that way by the Founders. They put the order of Presidential succession:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Speaker of the House

Therefore as a conservative, it is crucial that our Representatives elect a conservative to be the next Speaker. The last conservative to serve in this capacity was Newt Gingrich from 1994-1998. Since the Speakers have been moderate Republicans (Denny Hastert, John Boehner) and a liberal Democrat (Nancy Pelosi). If you like what Mr. Gingrich did, when a Democrat President was in office, then you should also want to remove Boehner and replace him with a conservative Speaker. However if you live in Oregon’s 2nd congressional district, do not hold your breath. Congressman Greg Walden has hitched his train to the John Boehner, and again will be voting for his own power, position and prestige over what is best for our country.

Mr. Walden is missing from this list of those brave men dare to stand against power in their own party and for principle. Tomorrow these patriots will not vote for John Boehner to retain the Speaker’s position. As a self-proclaimed conservative, we should expect better from Mr. Walden. Matter of fact, we deserve better.


  1. Ben Arnold ~ Jan. 5, 2015 @ 11:41 am

    Walden put his neck in the noose with his support of the "cromnibus" bill funding OBummer Care, Illegal immigration and more PORK than a hog slaughterhouse. We all should have given him our backsides, hisses & BOOS on his appearances here a couple of weeks ago. If he votes for Boehner for speaker we should be scrambling for the tripwire on the Gallows drop-gate!! He is a traitor to our Republic and has sold out his constituents. Shame on you Greg - you have morphed into a Sen. Wyden :o[[ - Ben #
  2. Ben ~ Jan. 7, 2015 @ 3:32 pm

    Look who's on the BLACK list-[bottom]compounding "cromnibus" Rino Speaker Votes for Boehner 216 --- Abraham Aderholt Allen Amodei Barletta Barr Barton Benishek Bilirakis Bishop (MI) Bishop (UT) Black Blackburn Bost Boustany Brady (TX) Brooks (AL) Brooks (IN) Buchanan Buck Bucshon Burgess Byrne Calvert Carter (GA) Chabot Chaffetz Coffman Cole Collins (GA) Collins (NY) Comstock Conaway Cook Costello (PA) Cramer Crawford Crenshaw Culberson Curbelo (FL) Davis, Rodney Denham Dent DeSantis Diaz-Balart Dold Duffy Duncan (TN) Ellmers Emmer Farenthold Fincher Fitzpatrick Fleischmann Fleming Flores Forbes Fortenberry Foxx Franks (AZ) Frelinghuysen Gibbs Goodlatte Granger Graves (GA) Graves (LA) Graves (MO) Griffith Grothman Guinta Guthrie Hanna Hardy Harper Harris Hartzler Heck (NV) Hensarling Herrera Beutler Hice (GA) Hill Holding Hudson Huizenga (MI) Hultgren Hunter Hurd (TX) Hurt (VA) Issa Jenkins (KS) Jenkins (WV) Johnson (OH) Johnson, Sam Jolly Jordan Joyce Katko Kelly (PA) King (NY) Kinzinger (IL) Kline Knight Labrador LaMalfa Lamborn Lance Latta LoBiondo Long Loudermilk Love Lucas Luetkemeyer Lummis MacArthur Marchant Marino McCarthy McCaul McClintock McHenry McKinley McMorris Rodgers McSally Meehan Messer Mica Miller (FL) Miller (MI) Moolenaar Mooney (WV) Mullin Mulvaney Murphy (PA) Neugebauer Newhouse Noem Nunes Olson Palazzo Paulsen Pearce Perry Pittenger Pitts Poe (TX) Poliquin Pompeo Price (GA) Ratcliffe Reed Reichert Renacci Ribble Rice (SC) Roby Roe (TN) Rogers (AL) Rogers (KY) Rohrabacher Rokita Rooney (FL) Ros-Lehtinen Roskam Ross Rothfus Rouzer Royce Russell Ryan (WI) Salmon Sanford Scalise Schock Schweikert Scott, Austin Sensenbrenner Sessions Shimkus Shuster Simpson Smith (MO) Smith (NE) Smith (NJ) Smith (TX) Stefanik Stewart Stivers Thompson (PA) Thornberry Tiberi Tipton Trott Turner Upton Valadao Wagner Walberg GREG WALDEN, OR Walker Walorski Walters, Mimi Wenstrup Westerman Westmoreland Whitfield Williams Wilson (SC) Wittman Womack Woodall Yoder Young (IA) Young (IN) Zeldin Zinke #

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