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Oct 29, 2015 — by: P. Henry
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Fire Dstrict 18-104

This past Sunday, front and center, was a puff-piece for “Yes! on 18-104” — the current Fire District 1 bond measure. If you read the piece you would be left with any wonder that a sane person would be opposed to this wonderful spend of tax payer dollars or that there was anyone opposed to the bond measure.

This is the socialist-left at full-speed. There is not a recent tax measure that these editors have opposed or have given fair and balanced coverage. The editors at the Herald and News are pro-tax-and-spend socialists and use the paper’s power and influence to effect the thinking of people in the Basin — and it has been working for quite some time now.

To be clear, my particular issue is not that the Herald and News took a position on this ballot measure. Newspapers have a tradition of taking sides on all sorts of political issues. Where their wrong-doing takes place is that they did this as a news story, on the front page. This entire piece is Pro-18-104, and belongs in the editorial section of the paper. A real journalistic effort would have been to split the front page in half, with one side reporting on those in favor (in this case the Fire District) and the other side reporting on those against (anyone from the Klamath Patriots Conservative PAC).

But while the editors at the Herald and News feign to be true to journalistic standards, they are instead loyal to their particular left-wing agenda. Their views color what and how they cover as news. In this case only one side was presented as “news” on Sunday. In their world, the other side does not exist. That is not news. That is a left-wing agenda, disguised as news. Sin by omission or sin by commission, is still sin.


If you currently subscribe to the Herald and News, let me offer you a challenge. Cancel your subscription today. Tell the Herald and News you are tired of left-wing agendaism. Site the paper’s slight of hand technique with Fire District's ballot measure in Sunday’s paper. Tell them you are tired of only one side of the story.

I can guarantee you two things will happen. First your blood pressure will lower. You will find you do far better each day without the crisis-style reporting of the Herald and News in your face every morning. Second, if enough of us cancel and for the reasons stated above, we may apply enough pressure to send their current editors packing, hopefully to be replace with a more fair and balanced editorial staff. We seek an editorial staff that seeks truth above a particular agenda, when it comes to reporting news or writing an editoral.

After one month if you find you can’t live without the drivel coming from up on high, then re-subscribe. By then you will probably be invited to do so and get a much better deal than you currently pay today. Unless we hurt the Herald and News where it counts most (their pocket book/subscribers) they will never change their ways and continue to mislead the public, pretending to be journalists. Without subscriptions they can not sell advertisements, and without advertisers they will cease to exist.


  1. Paul Clark ~ Oct. 29, 2015 @ 3:56 pm

    To the Herald & News, and Klamath News Net, The Herald & News is becoming about as significant as MSNBC after last nights Republican debates. I am trying to convince my wife to cancel the subscription. Hopefully Klamath News Net starts posting the Klamath County obituaries. At that point you will become insignificant! #
  2. Terry L. Clemens ~ Oct. 29, 2015 @ 8:04 pm

    That's funny...I have had the same discussion with MY wife!! After calling the H & N for a month straight, our paper carrier still can't put it on the porch!! I am like you Paul, the only thing I would miss is the obituaries. I am so disgusted with all the "touchy feel good" articles, I could just vomit!! I also, would drop the Herald and NoNews like a bad habit, if I only had another newspaper!! #
  3. Steve Souder ~ Oct. 30, 2015 @ 7:38 pm

    I quit the rag again a few weeks age ...I only resubscribed a few months ago, because I thought it was dishonorable to write letters if I was not paying to get the paper ..I'm gonna stay quit this time and write anyway as I feel they are so out of touch they won't know I'm gone till about 2020. I did see that article, My wife bought a Sunday paper for the ads. It was very biased but the author is programed to lean left . Just hope voters react like they did with the Sheriffs Levy. Steve Souder #
  4. Curious George ~ Nov. 3, 2015 @ 12:02 pm

    Here is a real complaint for ya....... How is it the Sheriff who is in so much trouble can run around in the county rig (his patrol car) on tax payers time and money go see his lawyer and deal with his legal crap on our time and money. How is it the Sheriffs Department has a high speed chase and yet the City PD terminated it and yet the sheriffs office continues and find the guy and from the looks of the pictures it doesnt look accidental cause the damage is on the same side of both rigs..... Looks like the Sheriffs Deputy rammed this dude to stop him and lied. Sounds like a homicide????? I would ask they polygraph the deputy find out the truth maybe it was intentional cause who cares he was a scum bag is always their theory. Lets get rid of the Sheriffs office in general make the city PD all Marshalls to patrol the whole county and let OSP help them who knows the out come and solution to the sheriff budget may be solved in saving money. I dont see how it could hurt seems how the sheriffs office has given this county a real crappy name. Maybe I should run for Commissioner hell I would push for the pot issue and use the taxes fr om the pot sales to support the jail and maybe even help the other agencies to hire more officers for a complete 24 hr coverage, as well as bring business's in cause god know we need them to help the unemployment rate and when you get jobs you get more money coming into the community, the rate of welfare will go down and our homeless rate may even drop cause we will have jobs to offer people so we have no one going homeless as it is happening now. I know the fight will be the other 2 nimrods in the seats that are currently taking up the seat but damn it we have to get something done and it needs to happen right away and also the commissioners salary should be cut or we work 40 hr work weeks and make changes and find ways to make it happen and bring things to fill the empty stores and fill the old Safeway and k mart buildings and make this place something to be proud of not look like we live in po dunk ville. #
  5. Terry L. Clemens ~ Nov. 5, 2015 @ 7:16 am

    ....and Unicorns will pass gas in the form of pixie dust! Lay off the pot CG, it's clouding up your thinking.... #
  6. CG ~ Nov. 5, 2015 @ 4:29 pm

    Terry Clements let me ask you this if you didn't have to pay so much in taxes but yet you can use the pot tax to make up for the school tax the sheriff asking for money and taxing on people and everything else that people want to get taxes for you're telling me that you would refuse that tax money from the marijuana sales. I don't do drugs never have done drugs but there are bigger cities that are how about the same size as planet if my little bigger better sales tax in marijuana and making millions of dollars on tax revenue every year so you're going to tell me that you would rather be taxed and beg for money from the county then to allow tax money for marijuana to help fund all these other things and drop your taxes and my taxes and everybody elses texts you're an idiot. you must be one of the good old boys who never wants to see this town grow or go anywhere or reduce taxes and help out our cells but yet you want to vote no on the Fire EMS budget ticket new engine or used new engines and ambulances when we could take some of this pot money from taxes and help support stuff like this every year to put into a budget every time I mean puzzles in Klamath are huge just like they are anywhere else and you want to turn down the tax revenue from that to reduce your taxes reduce bon measures reduce everything else in the long run and drop your property taxes I don't understand you #
  7. Terry L. Clemens ~ Nov. 6, 2015 @ 9:29 am don't have to resort to name calling. I forsee the price in human tragedy and suffering, a hell of a lot more than the "so called" tiny amount of money to be made off of the state peddling "dope." Also, after the newness wears off of going into a "dope shop" and legally being fleeced for a bag of dope, most "stoners" will realize that, "Hey, I can grow my own a hell of a lot cheaper!" DUH!! That's why they call it "DOPE" #
  8. Ryan L. Miller ~ Nov. 19, 2015 @ 12:14 pm

    I feel like you didn't actually read the article you're citing, but may have heard someone else's impression of it and got fired up. It did not encourage people to vote for the measure, it told the story of a meeting between the fire chief and a community organization, all of whom discussed pros and cons of the issue. It seems you're crying foul because it was not the news piece you would have written, which would have unconditionally thrashed the measure and given no concern to the allegedly-hallowed “other side.” This is not a matter of good or bad journalism or about fair coverage of an issue, it's a matter of your sour grapes for not having a paper that caters to your own agenda. #
  9. P. Henry ~ Nov. 22, 2015 @ 12:21 am

    Ryan - I did read the article. It was on the front page of the Herald and News. This place is where NEWS is to be reported, not one side of a story. The article used the meeting with the Kiwanis Club as a faux cover to promote the measure. Any real news reporting would have gotten a quote from those opposed or at least mentioned there was another side of the story. However the paper did none of this. The Herald and News editors pretended it was reporting on an event when in reality it was giving the pro 18-104 proponents free press. So I called them out. #
  10. E. Werner Reschke ~ Nov. 22, 2015 @ 12:30 am

    CG. Pot is not the answer! More revenue to government's coffers should never be a motivation to encourage the use of a vise. We already have enough problems with alcohol, why would we want to then add another mind-altering substance to the mix? No the answer is what the Founders called "Limited Government"... and if you look at our Local, State and Federal governments their insatiable appetite will never be met until we are all poor and destitute because they have robbed us all in the name of safety, compassion and service. The problem is not that government doesn't have enough of our money, the problem is that they have too much and want more. #

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