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Oct 7, 2015 — by: J. Madison
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Much has been written about the mass killing in Roseburg last week. A great piece on the topic was penned by Dennis Linthicum at the Dirt Road Economist. Dennis does an excellent job describing exactly where we ought to place the blame for such a horrific event. Be sure to take a few moments to read it.

Gun-free-paradiseI’d like to take a different tact and have us see if the socialist’s view of gun-control is the answer to these kinds of tragedies. If you would, close your eyes and imagine a place where there are no guns. A place where there are no knives or weapons of any kind. In this place all suspicious activity is monitored and scrutinized by the authorities to ensure everyone’s safety. To enter this “paradise” it requires walking through metal detectors, showing photo ID and surrendering any weapon of any kind.

Sounds beautiful right? Sounds just like what President Obama is promoting. That is until you realize I am describing our maximum security prison, the Oregon State Penitentiary, located in Salem, Oregon. This all male facility does not allow weapons of any kind. If you are caught with one the punishment is severe. It is one of the most gun-free zones in Oregon and yet one of the most dangerous places to live. Now, was this the safe place you imagined as I was describing this prison in the paragraph above? What you were imaging does not exist in the real world, now or ever. It is an illusion, a dream — a violence-free society because there are no guns.

A gun-free society does not translate into a violence-free society.

Statistics from highly gun-controlled Western nations show higher per capita violence rates than in the United States. The error is made when we think guns are the only way violence takes place. It is not. It is one way, but history certainly shows us, it is not the only way. The first murder recorded in the Bible did not require a gun, nor have most of the murders throughout history. Most murders throughout history have been gun-free murders.

These are not pleasant thoughts to think about for long. Instead we want to believe that our fellow man is good, noble and will do the right thing towards us and others. For the most part, most of the time, that is an accurate assessment, but when it is not a gun-free society is a dangerous place to live.

Creating more gun laws will do nothing but take guns out of the hands of well adjusted, law-abiding citizens. From what I can tell, these are not the people shooting up schools or shopping malls. As Rush Limbaugh recently challenged his audience, “Name me one thing that is illegal today that you can’t do or get a hold of? Just one.” Laws never stop gun violence or violence period. Rather the case can be made that violence could become worse (as seen in other gun-control countries). For example, Chicago is one of the most gun-controlled cities in our nation and yet in September reported the most gun-related deaths in 13 years. Seems those criminals are not obeying those gun laws for some reason. Hmmm.

As someone once said, “I don’t like guns. But if someone is going to have one, then I’d rather it be me.” Remember, no gun ever killed a person without someone firing it. Guns just don’t murder people by themselves.

Roseburg is another tragic case of an individual who isolated himself from society, who blamed everyone else for all of his problems and who was most likely taking mind-altering medication. The results of such actions usually ends up with a tragedy of one kind or another.

I pray for the family and friends who lost loved ones last Thursday. I also pray for healing in a community trying to grasp how the evil of one man, who knew so few, could hurt so many.


  1. Chris Hankins ~ Oct. 8, 2015 @ 9:35 am

    Well-written, and certainly spot-on! Evil appeared in the most idyllic place ever created. He brought death with him--death by deceit. We have had to live with that reality ever since. First child born on earth murdered the 2nd child born on earth. Wisdom has imparted wariness ever since. Ignoring this truth is inviting the kind of carnage we have seen, and likely will continue to see while so many heads are buried in the liberal sands of nonsense & deceit. #
  2. Mel Page ~ Oct. 8, 2015 @ 10:07 am

    How about calling the problem a Free Target Zone because it wasn't a real Gun Free Zone. How long are we going to put up with liberal lies causing death and destruction to "We the people". Just a question. Mel #

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