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Oct 9, 2015 — by: A. Smith
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RejectedHave you experienced this? You read an article in the Herald and News that bothers you so much that you sit down and write a response — a letter to the editor or an online post — and nothing happens. It is as if your response was not worthy to be printed.

Well that happened to me, and I was quite infuriated (I am using the polite word for my feelings). So rather than taking it lying down, I decided to stand up and publish everything here. If this has ever happened to you or you feel the same way, then please help me by spreading the word to others in your social circles. The Herald and News will continue their arrogance and only print one-point-of-view as long as they can get away with it.

What made me post a response?

The other day I read this article about the KBRA by Dennis Linthicum in the online version of the paper. Linthicum’s article was in the “Opinion” section. I then saw that this article about Dennis Lynch (associate regional director of the U.S. Geological Survey), was posted twice in the “Agriculture” and “Enviornment” sections. It was an article reporting on Dennis Lynch’s seminar at Crater Lake and referenced several quotes by Mr. Lynch.

Below is my response to both articles, that never was published online (or in print) by the Herald and News. My effort to add clear thinking and value to the topic of the KBRA was rejected by the omnipotent editors employed at the Herald and News. Why have a comment section or ask for letters to the editor if they will not be published?

Isn't it funny how this article [Dennis Linthicum’s KBRA piece], which states truth after truth about failed socialist policies, is considered by the Herald and News as an “opinion” piece, whilst the counter-article “Dam removal expert: Do it in one year” ( is considered “fact” — landing in both the Agriculture and Environment sections. 

While the paper claims Dennis Lynch to be a “water expert”, Mr. Lynch makes all sorts of claims that have NOTHING to do with water: the estimated cost of the dam removal, the estimated job loss if the dams aren't removed, and the overall economic chaos if the KBRA/KHSA fails to be achieved. Is Mr. Lynch also an “expert” in economics because he's also an expert in water? That's like thinking your family doctor, because he knows a lot about biology, chemistry and healing, is also the right person to give you expert advice on real estate (because he lives in a home), purchasing a car (because he drives a nice one) or who you should date (because he's been married several times). The fact is the article about Mr. Lynch contains far more opinion (aka myth) than does Dennis Linthicum's article. Moreover, Mr. Linthicum’s asks the larger question — not how quickly we should remove dams, but the more important question Lynch and the Herald and News just pass over — WHETHER we should remove the dams. In addition, Mr. Linthicum's article does not wander from his expertise — economics.

This is much like the global warming crowd who rarely will discuss their “facts”, but instead expect everyone to accept their conclusions that Western civilization is the cause of the problem, period. Then we must adhere to their policy recommendations or we are labeled climate-change deniers. Mr. Lynch errors by making claims far outside his area of expertise, but since the topic is remotely related to water, we should listen only to him (and those like him). After all he is an expert. In his view, the dam removal question has been answered and anyone who disagrees is an enemy of the environment and a thriving economy.

Time to wake up Klamath and realize the KBRA/KHSA is a utopian myth. Dennis Linthicum gave us a great illustration of the rat trap. Now the question is whether the cheese, raisins and peanut butter are too much temptation to resist or will we say No to something that we know is far too good to be true?

That is the purpose of To make sure alternate views, conservative ones, are promoted throughout Klamath County, and to help eliminate the strong arm tactics of one private business over the community.

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  1. Terry L. Clemens ~ Oct. 9, 2015 @ 12:21 pm

    I agree with you 100%!! I have personally told the Herald & Confused, that if there was any other local paper, I would drop them like a bad habit!! Didn't get published....this is one of the many that never made it to print. The H & N won't be happy until we look exactly like Ashland....Joe Caraharr (sp) must be spinning in his grave!! #
  2. Mel Page ~ Oct. 9, 2015 @ 4:54 pm

    Drastic times call for drastic measures. Again, WE THE PEOPLE have to be able to come together, cancel their subscriptions, boycott the advertisers, demonstrate in front of H&N. Speak to the people. Post your complaints with other newspapers. A few sideline complaints will only give you more of what you have. The H&N will only fold under financial pressure. Get their advertisers to pull their ads. It's not going to be easy, but it can be done. Get the word out, let them know that WE THE PEOPLE is serious. Mel #
  3. Paul Clark ~ Oct. 9, 2015 @ 10:13 pm

    To the Klamath News Net: I also sent a Letter to the Editor of the Herald & News on September 24th, regarding Commissioner Mallams refusal to shut off his well, and a comment about the pot dealer that is trying to recall him using the premise that Commissioner Mallams is breaking the law, when in reality the only reason the pot dealer is petitioning for his recall is a personal vendetta. I received a reply from Pat Bushey asking for my e-mail address and phone number. I have written letters to the Herald & News for the past 18 years and the only time I was asked for my e-mail address and phone number was the first time I submitted a letter. Pat Bushey knows who I am and knows my e-mail address. When I received the request from him I was a little puzzled, but I sent him the information. A day or two later the Herald & News ran a editorial excoriating Commissioner Mallams and my letter to date has not been printed. This is my Letter to the Editor that the Herald & News refused to print. Dear Editor: Ilo Ferroggiaros condemning Tom Mallams for not following the rules could be synonymous to “The “pot” (pun intended) calling the kettle black”, unless of course Mr. Ferroggiaros would like us to believe he never had a connection to marijuana before medical marijuana was legalized. Either way, what Tom Mallams did is what every Oregon farmer who has a well should have done; told the State to go fly a kite! It is bad enough that the tribes are given more water than they need, but the State also insists it owns the rain water when it hits the ground and is equally complicit in compounding the demise of agriculture in the Klamath and Tulelake Basin. When I read or hear people talking about missed business opportunities in Klamath County without mentioning agriculture, the more I am puzzled. What is logging, ranching, and farming if not a business? People are tired of being “shut off” every time a fish dies or a barred owl eats a spotted owl. It is time everyone stood up and told the State of Oregon and California to take care of the business of state government and go “fly a kite!” Are they going to arrest every farmer and rancher? I personally believe the goal of the anti-agriculturists is to return Tule Lake to its original size, and remove all trace of agriculture from both basins. We could then go chirp with the birds and walk on the pristine trails, or guide our canoe through the cattails. It sounds like music to liberal ears, but it sure ain’t gonna put tofu on the table or gas in the Prius! If we all became activists along with Tom, maybe something could change. At least we could fool ourselves into believing we still might have a chance to recover. Paul Clark Klamath County, OR #
  4. Lisa J. ~ Oct. 10, 2015 @ 6:27 am

    They've also made it virtually impossible for folks like me to comment. I used to be a regular contributor to the "comment section" but they changed their protocol to require a link to facebook. So I set up a facebook account just for this purpose and "they" still won't accept my comments as I am always against their views. Yes indeed we're stuck with the H&N but we are getting some interesting news from sources like this and Linthicum's site. The H&N is certainly censoring the negative input to their paper now. #
  5. Carol W. ~ Oct. 11, 2015 @ 8:47 pm

    The H&N has refused to print my letters a couple of times. The last time, I quit the paper. Then, they kept sending us rates too good to turn down. Now, I stopped the paper when we were gone for two weeks. Just received the new bill with NO credit for the 15 days we were gone. Was told "You only get credit when you're gone 20+ days". I said: "Fine, bring me every single paper I missed and I'll renew." The bill was due 10/9, and we received papers on the 10th & 11th. Think they're extending our due-date 15 days? #
  6. B Arnold ~ Oct. 12, 2015 @ 10:55 am

    If you quit you get the paper for free as LITTER in your yard - just like all the other non-subscribers in the neighborhood. I've brought this to the attention of City Counsel members to NO Resolution :o[ If any of us dumped our garbage on sidewalks and lawns, We'd be FINED, Big Time!! Benny #
  7. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Oct. 14, 2015 @ 10:54 am

    THE PEOPLE’S MEDIA? There was that point where it became clear that our nation had begun domino-ing to Communism. I personally think it began to show itself in the early 70’s when foreign news correspondent Frank Kearns was outed by CBS as being a covert operative for the CIA while he was in their employ. That absolutely crushed Kearns and he denied it emphatically. Wouldn’t you if you knew that such an announcement would mean suspicion, isolation, imprisonment, torture or even death to anyone that you may have had confidential dealings with in the past? And there had been a great many paths crossed while on dangerous, difficult, deep and extended foreign news assignments. In the 1950’s European colonial government began loosing its hold and like now there was a power vacuum in the Middle East. Then like now, Russia was front and center in its attempt to gain a strong regional warm water port etc. foothold. It was obviously of critical importance to the USA to find out where the loyalties of the new leaders lay; be it East or West. Frank Kearns was about the only one (newsy or not) who could manage to gain access and get interviews with those at the top. That is while he wasn’t also doing what few others could pull off; imbedding long term with various rebels and freedom fighters. He was the guy who would find out what was really going on in some of the worst trouble spots in the world (at tremendous personal risk) and share it with America through his CBS evening news reports which gave either a boots on the ground or high level leader interview perspective. Up through at least the late 60’s the news was generally framed in an anti-communist format; that was also the point where the Boomer (perdition) generation was gaining significant societal and political influence. Leading up to that time the seriousness of the Red Threat wasn’t taken lightly, nor should it have been. Communism then, as it is now was on a crushing path aimed at domination of the individual and the world. Aside from the radicalized and off beat, any association with Communism, Socialism or Marxism was repudiated even more than having children out of wedlock, drug use, living off from the welfare system, foul language, immorality, atheism, disrespectful behavior, slovenliness and all other personal and societal destructive attitudes and behaviors. Through legitimate concern the major news networks and the CIA worked hand in hand. That association literally provided the CIA with hundreds upon hundreds of assets in critically important places around the world. All involved knew it was very, very good to be on the Right side of the Red Threat. Then all of a sudden working against communism became such a bad thing that CBS outed one of their own. Ironically one of their own, who like themselves worked closely with the CIA. The major networks and entertainment media outlets have so progressively regressed since that time that they now seem to be as hard-lined against capitalism as Chairman Mao and all of the other Marxist centered enemies of our nation. In fact it gets a bit difficult at times to differentiate between they and that infamous government controlled single Russian news source. It is even harder today to tell the difference between extreme environmentalism and the competing Marxisms (foreign and domestic). That is scary since the bulk of big Red media is now all so Green! So, it shouldn’t seem odd when even some of our censorous local news plant seems to be arrogantly against everything good and all in for whatever is devilishly wrong and bad. After all, “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” As a result of the infected nature of our news and entertainment sources, our national and regional domino does not appear to be headed in an up-Right direction. It does make for a good barometer though; whatever the news Left supports we would be wise to reject and vice versa. The great news is that in your censorship they have in effect told you all that you are on the right path! Congrats for that. Finnious #
  8. FInnious T Fogbottom ~ Oct. 16, 2015 @ 3:46 pm

    To Paul Clark, When you mentioned how puzzled you are when some talk “about missed business opportunities in Klamath county without mentioning agriculture.” Believe me that is by no means a coincidence. There is so much crud of that nature out there in the world today so as to easily justify the suspicion that there may be a move underway to radically transform all of human society. Some disruptive organizations call one the fronts in this war “Localism”. Bottom line, it is against any and all effort or enterprise that is not micro small. That of course includes for profit farming. They envision a peace loving green alternate society were all respect each other and (through manual labor) work diligently only to mutually satisfy the basic needs of all. All of this takes place in a greed, fossil fuel and car free environmentally conscious way. Personally I’m not a hippie so I’d be hated by the non-meat eating peace pushers right away. Funny how some always seem to be making war against conservatives in the name of peace, cooperation and prosperity? Their big problem is that micro energy and micro businesses cannot come close to satisfying the needs of the many. As we head towards societal suicide I guess that won’t be as much of a problem. Did I also mention that hey also want to change what, the way and how you eat and live? Blue Zones? Then there is The Just Third Way. That is something that everyone should study carefully as it is also referred to as the Second American Revolution. Their thrust does comes not from Green roots in this case but from Marxism, though they claim religious qualities and a form of capitalism. Sure. Bottom line that they are all about redistributing wealth. I guess all will be reborn with equal levels of morality, genius, ambition and drive. No more losers, lazies or crazies sounds pretty good to me. Land reform is a good one to look up as well. It is all about, “The main purpose of the reform was to abolish customary rights, award land to previously landless peasants and disadvantaged persons and create conditions necessary of the achievement of food self-sufficiency”. Is that like water certainity? I wonder how that is working in Latin America, South Africa and the Klamath Basin so far? So then you start looking into terms like watershed councils, watershed governance etc. and find that there is already the formation of the shadow of a new revolutionary form of harsh green totalitarian governance. You can actually place the words watershed council with the name of any state, town, region or nation in your search engine and you’ll find at least a hint of a new global centralized Soviet styled governance system already in the ready. Believe me, none of our adversaries consider irrigated commercial agriculture to be (in their terms) sustainable. Sustainability is another good term to study with care. Also look out for any organization with PEOPLE, PEOPLE’S, CITIZEN, CITIZENS in their name, chances are they deny the basic realities of human nature and in the end are not too good for people or citizens. Chances are. Finnious #

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