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Mar 6, 2015 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Government

Just days after successfully helping President Obama secure funding for his illegal, Executive Amnesty program, Representative Greg Walden quickly went to his computer to make sure his constituents know he is fighting against Obama? What??? Here is his email to the district:


Walden, Fundraising, 7 dollarsSo is this what “conservative” representation now looks like? Our “conservative” representative voting to get Obama’s Cromnibus budget thorough Congress, and two months later joining more Democrats than Republicans to help Obama get his illegal amnesty program fully funded? Of course it isn't. This is a Republican whose first name is RINO. Don't be suckered by the charm and ah-shucks presentation of this inside-the-beltway, DC schmoozer.

Of course, Walden will deny these charges, but if you look, you'll see, his votes say just what I said above. Talk is one thing. Voting is another. And our representative is the only one with a vote in Congress from Oregon’s 2nd District. Therefore Walden’s words mean nothing. His voting record is all that matters.

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