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Apr 11, 2015 — by: G.W. Washington
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Farmers-ranchers-republicansIf you are Republican of any flavor it is not hard to see what a mess the party is in. The only saving grace is that the other side is in as bad of, or worse, shape. However that is not enough to win elections or to bring real change to this country in order to live once again as a free and prosperous people.

The Republican party is in trouble because it has left its founding principles. Many in the Republican party, at the national, state and local levels, claim to be for fiscal responsibility and limited government. These same Republicans become upset when our tax dollars are used to help illegal aliens receive benefits meant for tax payers or for citizens in distress. However, when you dig a little deeper you often find a hypocrisy among these Republicans that they are unaware of — and what’s more, when you point out this hypocrisy to them, they get very upset.

For the most part I consider these Republicans well meaning but lost. What has happened is that they have moved from a principled view of government, where they claim to believe in the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility, and moved to a preference view of government.

PRINCIPLE: It is wrong for government to take money from one tax payer to give to another
PREFERENCE: Unless the person receiving the money/benefit is me

This principle is exactly why most Republicans are upset their tax dollars are going to illegals aliens. Illegal aliens are people who have broken the law upon entering our country so they certainly do not deserve any tax payer money nor any benefit (free education, free healthcare, etc) from those of us who are citizens or live here legally. If any Republican had a choice, they would omit this portion of tax from their payment to the government. Republicans in this case are basing their view on morality. They are basing their view on the principle it is wrong to forcibly take their hard earned money and give to someone else — especially someone who has broken the law and should not be in this country.

Furthermore, local Republicans are upset at so many folks now on Social Security Disability, because their unemployment checks have run out — not because they are truly disabled. Another example are single mothers who never intend to find a job or get married because they can get their food needs met thorough WIC (Women Infants and Childrens supplemental nutrition program). This frustration is based on a principle, that everyone should take care of their own needs and government should not be some benevolent dictator taking from one group and giving to another — as government sees fit.

However, many of those same Republicans want the KBRA (Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement), an agreement which in essence guarantees farmers and ranchers either water or money (in years they may not get water). In other words, when water is not allocated to farms and ranches, these farmers and ranchers want compensation from other tax payers for not farming or ranching. That is called welfare. That’s a payment not to be productive. To dig a little deeper farmers & ranchers also receive huge property tax discounts, which places the property tax burden on the rest of property owners who do run farms. Moreover most of these farmers and ranchers get tax-free fuel delivered to their farms (there is no fuel tax because they supposedly use 100% for farm vehicles only, never putting any of that fuel in their personal trucks or cars that travel on public roads — which are funded by fuel taxes everyone else pays at the pump).

Now before you think I’m unnecessarily attacking farmers and ranchers, slow your roll. What I am doing is pointing out the fact that a many in the local Republican party are farmers and ranchers. And while these folks moan and complain about government taking their tax dollars and giving it to other people, when the flow is reversed they are silent as lambs. There is always and excuse. There is an always a rationale why they should receive benefits that others don’t get — because they are farmers and ranchers. Those who think this way are Preference Based Republicans, not Principled Based Republicans, and that is what is wrong with the party.

Until we return to the basic core principle of it being wrong for government to take any money from one tax payer to give it to another, then we can never attain true fiscal responsibility or limited government*. At best all we can hope to attain is a preference based government that favors us — on the backs of the rest of the tax payers. And last time I checked that would is what the Democrats desire, it should not be ours.

So let’s stand on principle, not on preference. Let’s stand against government grabbing in Peter’s pocket to pay benefits to Paul and then grabbing inside Paul’s pocket to pay benefits to Pamela (even if we are Paul or Pamela). That kind of thinking will only continue Klamath’s current economic slump. Furthermore, the only true winner will be the middleman — government — who takes their cut with each transfer of wealth.

I’m sure I have upset some Republicans, farmers and ranchers with this article. Before you come back at me, make sure it is because I am misrepresenting a principle, not because I am pointing out the truth. Moreover, before you think I am saying we should raise taxes on farms and ranches, that is not my position. Rather, let's lower everyone’s property taxes so we all pay the same rate. Let's let everyone pay the same fuel tax — not some all and others none (I'm advocating lower taxes for everyone here). Equality under the law and not preference under the law. Lady justice is to be blind to our race, our creed, our color, our religious affiliation, and our vocation. Therefore let’s make sure our laws are as well.

* This statement has one exception and that is for the truly disabled and a safety net for the needy (which is at most 1-2% of the total population — not around 50%). This exception must be regulated with strict guidelines and time tables so no noe can not take advantage of receiving tax payer dollars for doing nothing forever. The principle here is if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

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  1. Lisa Johnson ~ Apr. 14, 2015 @ 9:50 am

    Points well taken. Too bad this can't appear in the Herald and News. Some of my socialist neighbors need to read this stuff too. #

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