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Apr 12, 2015 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Government, Culture

1984-george-orwellThe one thing the Left is very good at is bending language to favor their point of view. 

One such example is the Public Safety Levy. Just think about that for a moment. Why didn’t they call it the “Fund The Jail Levy”? Because no one wants to pay more taxes for a jail, but many will pay more to stay or be safe. But that begs the question, how safe? How safe is safe enough? Do we need to pay for police officers on every corner? That would be safer, but really expensive.

Rarely do public officials use hard data UNLESS it favors their position. Instead they prefer to create a nebulous world with language, talking endlessly about keeping you "safe" or "safer". But those of us in the real world who have limited resources must have a better metric to determine if the level of safety today is adequate not — and that data is often difficult to come by, or people are too lazy to look it up. So the Left wins their argument by claiming to be the champions of safety and all opponents are people who are obviously cheap, uncaring and selfish. (Learn more about the Jail levy — including great and easy to understand data).

George Orwell wrote in his famous novel, 1984, about a socialist world where each year the government reduced the number of words and terms allowed to be spoken. The government’s goal was to eliminate any way for the people to describe the ideas of opposition, rebellion or liberty. Orwell knew those who control the language control the society.

It's time we quit allowing the Left to own the language. Instead we need to stand up by using proper words that adequately describe what these ideas actually are. Another way of saying this is we need to tell the truth. 

To that end we should not allow democrats, liberals or progressive use these terms to self-describe themselves and their ideas. This is exactly the Orwellian tactic we need to expose. The ideas they stand for are not liberal or progressive, but socialist. Their other pseudo-labels allow their ideas to have respect and dignity. Someone who proclaims progressive ideas sounds like they care about the future. A liberal who proposes a solution sounds as if their ideas are about liberty. However, in the final analysis, if their their ideas lead towards socialism then that is the label that should be used — and no other. Poison needs to be called poison. Calling poison an “agent for change that will lessen hunger in the world” is deceptive at best and deadly at worst.

Socialism is not the idea the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote our Constitution or Bill of Rights. Socialism is a government-knows-best for everyone approach. What the Founders desired was completely the opposite — a citizen-knows-best approach. Government’s role in the Founder’s mind was to protect the people from the abuses of power and to protect property, not procure it for its own grandiose ideas to create utopia.

It is important that we remember with whom we are standing up against. They are well spoken, slicksters who use language very well. That said, if we tell the truth about their ideas, we can short circuit those ideas from getting a foothold in our community and protect ourselves from a great many self-inflicted wounds.

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