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Apr 20, 2015 — by: T. Jefferson
Categories: Economics, Government

Klamath-childrenOf course you’re going to support the farmers, ranchers and children by voting Yes on 18-101: the KBREC OSU Extension Center levy. Who would be against such a thing? 

This is the perpetual lie of the Left. They claim that if we continue to acquiesce and send more of our disposable income to government that County and State officials know best how to bring about utopia. 18-101 is no different.

Previously the OSU Extension Center and 4-H were funded by our general property taxes. This meant the County Commissioners looked at their budgets and allocated a certain amount for these services. Since 2007, when the housing bubble burst and economic collapse ensued, the Commissioners have steadily been setting aside less and less for this program. It isn’t that they think the OSU Extension Center is a bad program or that 4-H is not worth funding, but the County Commissioners had to make a decision with their limited resources and decided that the county had higher priorities that needed to be funded. (Why can’t we also claim the same thing with our limited budgets without being labeled “selfish”, “cheap” or “uncaring” by those with a differing opinion?)

Of course the Left can never do with less, so they asked the Commissioners to approve a levy for May’s ballot. Shame on the Commissioners for doing this. Bonds and levies should always be a citizen driven effort, not by special interests getting two County Commissioners to approve of their plot to raise taxes on Klamath County voters.

A new website, Klamath, explains in very simple terms why 18-101 is bad for Klamath today and for the next generation. It is possible to vote No on 18-101 and at the same time be pro-farmer, pro-rancher and pro-children. Matter of fact if these services are so vital to farmers and ranchers, why can’t their industry — which generates $670,000,000 annually — afford to fund it themselves? The total cost for the OSU Extension Center would be less that 1/10 of 1 percent. Why foist this expense on everyone in the county, whether or not they benefit from the Extension Center?

But “it is for the children” we are told. Well, really it’s not. This levy is really for the government bureaucrats with their inflated salaries, benefits and life-long pensions (care of your tax dollars). The lie is that if the 18-101 tax levy fails, Klamath County will lose the Extension Center services and 4-H. Not true. We can have all the services county residents need — and all services would be far better — by funding each program by people who want the programs — not by forcing those who happen to live within the border of Klamath County to shell out extra taxes.

Just think, when was the last time a program was considered great because it was run by government bureaucrats? Do you find such excellence at the Post Office, the DMV, the County Building, the Court House? When has government ever done anything better than the private sector? Answer: Rarely ever. Yet we are to believe the best for Klamath County is to pay additional taxes to perpetuate these programs run by government bureaucrats?

We urge a No vote on 18-101 and ask you to get the word out by sharing the website with like minded conservatives. If we continue to pass tax levies, more and more will show up on future ballots — all claiming to be for “public safety”, “farmers & ranchers” and of course the “children”. Our problem is not that government doesn’t have enough of our money, the problem is that government has too much.


  1. Lisa Johnson ~ Apr. 21, 2015 @ 9:46 am

    I have a love hate relationship with you guys. You're reporting just gets my blood pressure up. The reality is I so agree with you on all positions taken. Plus this is another well written article that I will be forwarding on so everyone I can influence can see this. As with the ill advised jail levy these folks think it's okay to keep coming at the tax payers for their pet socialist projects. I'm not anti 4-H by any means but if it's that good for the children let the parents or as you so well stated, let their industry fund the future farmers. This socialist way of financing everything through the tax payers has to stop. Maybe at one time there was extra money laying around but we have to be able to say no more and that be the end of it. Please keep up your reporting, please try to get your pieces in our one sided paper and please don't stop doing what you are doing. Before I ran into you guys I thought I was alone with these feelings and ideas. But now we're a team working to get the word out. Lisa #
  2. Terry L. Clemens ~ Apr. 21, 2015 @ 1:55 pm

    Excellent letter!! I'm like Lisa though. Why can't you put this piece in the H & N?? Can you cut and paste it to their website?? If not, do you care if I cut and past some of it as a comment in the letters to the editor?? Keep up the good work!! I also am sending the link to my e=mail friends!! Terry #
  3. Susan ~ May. 1, 2015 @ 8:39 pm

    As a former 4-H member I have said the 4-H pledge many times including pledging my head to clearer thinking. My question is when is someone going to start a levy for the boy scouts, church groups, sports teams, etc. to have their own tax levies as well? Girl scouts selling cookies and groups doing car washes to raise funds for their organizations should instead be able to each have their own tax levy. If 4-H gets a tax levy, then these other organizations should have their own levies as well shouldn't they? 4-H is a good program and should continue in Klamath County. That said, 4-H needs to come up with its own funding solutions without having the taxpayers foot their bill. Fundraising is a good education for many young people such as girl scouts and one that 4-Her's will need to learn. #

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