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May 1, 2015 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Economics, Government

Nancy-reagan-just-say-noIn the 1980's an anti-drug campaign led by First Lady Nancy Reagan urged young adults to “Just say no” to drugs. The liberals mocked the campaign, and Mrs. Reagan, as being too simple. You see the drug culture was much more complex, much more nuanced. For her to expect youth to Just Say No when offered or encouraged to take drugs would never work.

Funny though. If you Just Say No and don't do drugs guess what — you don't do drugs. Will power IS enough, you just have to have the courage (this of course does not include those already addicted, where more is required).

This is exactly the same is the message we need to send to the county clerk's office this month when we turn in our May ballots. Just Say No to bigger government. Just say no to additional taxes. Just say no to public unions ever increasing salaries and benefits. The dirty little secret why county government is shedding services left and right is not because we don't send them enough money, rather it is because they have signed an unholy alliance with public unions which ever increase their costs — no matter what the surrounding economy is doing.

Just think about that for a moment.

If you kept increasing your spending year over year, but your income varied from year to year — some years high, some years low — what would you expect to eventually happen? Yeah, you would eventually run into a problem where you didn't have enough revenue to meet the ever increasing expenses you racked up. Welcome to how our beloved county government works. 

We have a choice this month. Say Yes to a government that continues to live beyond its means and is doing nothing to curb real expenses — especially with public union contracts — or say Just Say No. Either we think government doesn't have enough and the answer is to always raise taxes year after year or government has enough already. There is no middle ground.

Let's wake up Klamath County and tell our Commissioners and the government establishment, enough. Enough taxes. Live within your means. In other words, just say No on 18-100 (Klamath County Jail) and No 18-101 (KBREC Extension). Be sure to spread this message to all you know!


  1. Fred Starkey ~ May. 1, 2015 @ 5:41 pm

    The only answer is "Equal Opportunity" for all citizens. Govt. employment is not a career but a place where citizens serve. Limit service to 10 years. This will give us an on going audit. Moreover, when they leave they will have to pay the costs they have put on the other citizens. This will rein in the power of govt. employees. Equal Opportunity is the answer because it goes past the unions. Got a better idea? Sincerely, Fred Starkey govt. #
  2. Lisa Johnson ~ May. 1, 2015 @ 8:10 pm

    Thank you for the continued push for a NO on all taxes. Someone took on Tod Kepple too in the paper today. I pray all these tax increases on the ballot go down in flames. Thank you for the continued good reporting. I hope you are getting the word out. Regards, Lisa #

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