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Jun 21, 2015 — by: G.W. Washington
Categories: Government

ConstitutionIf you’ve been paying attention, it has been in the news. President Obama’s desire to fast-track a trade deal for the Pacific Rim. However, the bedfellows in this deal are odd and should give us all pause. Many Republicans and most Democrats are against this fast track process, so much so they defeated the first attempt of the Obama administration. Also one must ask, why is that Republican leadership is siding with President Obama? People like Speaker Boehner,  Congressman Walden in the House and Majority Leader McConnell in the Senate? Just on the face of it, something is seriously amiss.

Then there is the secrecy. Much of the TPP (more about that later) is not viewable by just anyone. You must sign in to access the room with the bill. Then you are not allowed to take notes or any recording devices with you in order to see hundreds of pages of the proposed bill. This runs completely counter to our nation’s founding. As Dennis Linthicum has said, “Transparency in Government preserves liberty; secrecy promotes tyranny.” Therefore just on the face of this secrecy process, we must stand against both the TPA and TPP.

If you don’t know much about either of these, here are two easy to read articles in order to understand the basics of TPA and TPP:

Both articles give a great background and explain in plain English what is going on with these complex pieces of legislation — and they are complex not because of the situation, but to keep you from easily understanding what is really going on. Leftists know if legislation becomes so long and so complex you are more likely to give up than to dig deeper. Former County Commissioner and economist Dennis LInthicum has done a nice job in the translation, to help us  understand the fundamental problems with both the substance and process of Obamatrade.

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