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Jul 13, 2015 — by: G.W. Washington
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It seems these days any level of government that is “working hard for the people” is busy reforming itself. While the word reform used to mean making a substantive change for the better, when government officials use this term, it means just the opposite. Those in government who use the word reform want you to think they are doing things to benefit you, but what is really going on is “pretend reform”. The result is inevitably more government control. Very little real substantive change ever happens when government reforms itself. Government reform is like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic — while a lot of activity takes place and things may look different, the activity translates into very little substantive change.

Why? Because much what the government is doing and involved with is not good. It is bad. So if you reform a bad behavior on the outside, but make no real changes on the inside, the result is only the appearance of good behavior, but nothing really changes. Much of what our government does is contrary to the Constitution and its founding principles of a free and virtuous people who consent to be government by a limited government. So if something is not good, reforming it without really changing the fundamentals yields a mere illusion of change without any real reform. For example, if you heard an alcoholic say they were are going to reform their behavior, what would you expect? The alcoholic would stop drinking. But in government-speak, reform would mean the alcoholic would not start drinking until after 11:00 A.M. Did change happen? Yes. Did true reform take place? No. The new “reform rules” for the alcoholic only give an appearance of change without changing the final outcome. If the alcoholic makes his announcement with a sincere and concerned voice, as if his reform will mean anything substantive, then politics is likely in his future. (A little sarcasm there — just a little).

Socialists are always reforming programs to obtain their perfect utopia (which is always just around the corner). Reform, reform and more reform... they will eventually take us to paradise, right? However, rarely do their reforms relinquishes power, but instead confuse the issue and transfer more authority to the State and Federal levels. This is a tactic the Socialists have used in this country for almost a century. We should recognize it by now. Pretend to fix things but nothing ever gets fixed — it only gets worse. And their solution? More reform of course.

The next time you hear a government official tout how they have a plan to reform something, let’s hope the hair on the back of your neck stands up. Take a hard look at what is really happening beyond the press release. The key question to ask is whether their reform claims result in government giving up control or does their reform result in adding more regulations which, in the end, grants them greater control? True reform will always return control to the people and the local community instead of keeping it at State or National levels. If more rules and regulations are added to a bureaucracy that none of us can understand, chances are real reform did not take place, only socialist/pretend reform.

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