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Jul 7, 2015 — by: J. Madison
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If you’ve been following along lately, the $30 million Public Safety levy failed this May by a wide margin. Then, what is not so well known, was Senate Bill (SB 26) passed and was signed into law. What did SB 26 do? It removed the sunset clause which allows Klamath County to use its Road Funds (~$80 million) for Public Safety. What is quite fascinating is the sequence of events. First citizens say “no” to more money being pulled from their pockets for government expenses. Then only after this form of citizen extortion failed, the State granted Klamath County permission to use money sitting in their bank account for public safety. Why was SB 26 hidden and obscure until after the Public Safety Levy failed? Because they, the government socialists, always prefer to spend more of your money rather than what they already have.

We should be outraged that our elected county commissioners who, by themselves put the public safety levy on the ballot without a citizen referendum, knew about SB 26 but remained silent.

Son: “Hey Dad, can I have $20 to go to the movies?”

Dad: “No son, you may not.”

Son: “That’s okay, I’ll just use the $20 Grandma gave me.”

In a sense, that is exactly what happened in our county. Like the father in the illustration, we can be glad we had the sense to say “no”. We can be glad we called their bluff. Remember this lesson the next time the Government-Construction-Education-Real-Estate cartel cry that the sky is falling.

As any sane person can simply see, the problem with government funding has little to do with the revenue side of the ledger and almost everything to do with the cost side. Yet all we ever hear the socialists talk about is a “funding shortfall” or “not enough revenue.” For example, in 2004 it cost Klamath County roughly $4 million to fully fund the jail and all police patrols. Just eight years later in 2012, $8 million (double) was not enough to provide the same level of service. That is only a revenue problem if you are a socialist. For the rest of us, that is a serious and profound cost problem.

The big question before us is not how to spend the Road Funds between roads and public safety, but rather who will stand up and address the real problem — government’s out of control costs. The only solution to ever-increasing expenses is ever-increasing taxes. If you don’t want to live in that type of county, call or write the Commissioners and let them know they need to stand up and not approve any more automatic salary increases in union contracts. Government employees should be paid based on the market rate and merit, not artificial wage tables contrived by public union attorneys. Otherwise, we can help these three commissioners soon find solace and comfort in the unemployment line.

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  1. Oscar ~ Jul. 7, 2015 @ 12:38 pm

    Well said. We need our commissioners to work for us and get along with us instead of the public employee unions. Government costs are way out of control, but no one says or does a thing that really matters. #

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