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Aug 17, 2015 — by: J. Madison
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Forest_firesHarsh words maybe, but unfortunately true. Sometimes the truth can hurt. Greg Walden’s editorial published in the Herald and News is yet another example that demonstrates what is wrong with Washington, as well as with Mr. Walden’s thinking.

Walden’s plan is nothing but another “shuffling the deck chairs” to make you think he is working hard and that he is getting something done to better Oregon’s forests. While all the activity and smoke created by Walden & Co. might produce something slightly better, in essence all will be the same. One has to ask, is that what we want from our Representative — a lot of activity but little real change?

The problem is not how well the US Forest Service or BLM manage forests in Oregon. The problem is that the US Forest Service and BLM manage forests in Oregon.

The Founding Fathers empowered the Federal government with a very narrow scope in how to govern the union. Believe it or not, managing forests was not one of the powers granted the Federal government. Read the Constitution. Read all of the amendments. Read the Declaration of Independence. The word “forest” is absent in all of them. Why? Because the Federal government was never meant to, nor designed to, manage forests all across the nation. This responsibility was to be “reserved to the States, or to the people.

The Federal Government is the worst organization to manage anything. Why then in the name of God’s green earth would we expect any of the Federal alphabet soup agencies to be any better at managing forests than they are with anything else? 

Walden’s Forest Plan will not work because it can not work.

Walden’s continues to place his hope and trust in the Federal government. Walden’s “solution” keeps the Federal government smack dab in the middle of forest management in Oregon. But that is exactly the problem — the Federal government. As Ronald Reagan proclaimed during his inaugural address in 1981, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Shuffle all you want Mr. Walden because the results will turn out the same. Why? Most of the bureaucratic policy makers sit in cubicals 3,000 miles away, often never having visited our beautiful state. They do not live with the consequences of their failed policies year after year. Instead they receive raises, bonuses and promotions. They work to fix what is broken but only fail time and again because DC policymakers never live with the consequences of their failed ideas and dreams.

Real change only occurs when one is faced with the consequences of their own failures. However, Washington bureaucrats are immune to the consequences of their failures. Therefore Mr. Walden placing further hope and trust in that broken system has very little chance for success.

Best Possible Oregon Forest Management Plan

Do you want healthy forests? Do you want forests that are managed so well that they cause an economic revival in rural communities all across Oregon? Do you want forests that don’t cause massive fires every summer? Then continuing the same old idea of Federally managed forests is certainly not the answer. Instead, return the forests to the State of Oregon or its people. Let Oregonians manage Oregon’s forests.

We understand the consequences of failed forest management policies because we live here. We will be very proactive when something is amiss and be sure to replicate policies that do work. Contrary to what the Washington politicians (Walden) and bureaucrats in DC may think, we actually know what is best for ourselves.

We will do a far better job managing our forests, because they are our forests. I can guarantee you that.

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  1. Fred Starkey ~ Aug. 19, 2015 @ 12:15 pm

    Perfect: see The MainSpring of Human Progress: should be required reading for every high school. This seems so obvious;but people have been brainwashed. We need an ongoing campaign. Beautiful job. Thanks, Fred Starkey #

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